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KPMG Tax, Legal and Accountancy – Accountants & Real-time accounting
Customer Success Story Developer Functional Community Talk
Location: Auditorium 2000 A - 10/12/22, 5:00 PM - 10/12/22, 5:30 PM (Europe/Brussels) (30 minutes)

KPMG Tax, Legal and Accountancy – Accountants & Real-time accounting
Bea Binst

Bea Binst started her professional career in a pharmaceutical company in 1997 as a bookkeeper responsible for the supplier’s accounts. In March
1998 she made the transfer to KPMG where, at present, she holds the function of Director. Bea has extensive experience in assisting SME, ASBL,
subsidiaries of international companies regarding accounting, financial statements, tax compliance and various reporting, etc. In 2021, she was
part of the accounting team that was responsible for the implementation of Odoo for all accounting clients, as well as the continuous onboarding of current and new clients.

Are you interested in discovering how you can achieve real-time accounting using the Odoo Accounting module? Then this 20 min talk is perfect for you!
Digitization is at the core of this period of constant change. The need to have accurate, relevant, and real-time data at hand is imperative for businesses and organizations to make the right decision at the right time. KPMG’s mission is to provide clients – no matter their size - with the guidance and tools they need to successfully achieve their business objectives. We needed a strong partner who understood our goals and could provide us with the cutting-edge technology required to help our clients thrive. After intensive research, we decided that Odoo was the right fit to take on this endeavor and have implemented Odoo for all our inhouse accounting clients using functionalities such as OCR, AI, live reporting,
PSD2, reconciliation models, automated reminders, and the easy-to-use invoicing module to create your own invoices. Today, the goal of having real-time accounting is no longer a pipe dream but reality within the grasp of every company and organization.
Companies and organizations can now reach their full potential and focus on their core business without the administrative burden!