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Event Odoo Experience 2020 starts on September 30, 2020 at 2:00:00 PM +0200
Extending Odoo with a comprehensive Budgeting and Forecasting Capability
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Location: Studio8 - 10/1/20, 9:00 AM - 10/1/20, 9:30 AM (EDT) (30 minutes)

Extending Odoo with a comprehensive Budgeting and Forecasting Capability
Richard Jardine Chief Operating Officer  at Essatto Software

Richard Jardine has extensive experience in Data Analytics and Enterprise Performance Management, and is Chief Operating Officer of Essatto. Richard is responsible for product development, consulting services, support and strategic customer accounts.  In his role Richard works with clients across a diverse range of industries, and is experienced in dealing with complex business challenges to deliver sound business solutions. 
Prior to assuming this role, Richard was an Associate Director of Ioppolo & Associates, where he was responsible for a number of large-scale Enterprise Performance Management implementations including  Vodafone,  GE Consumer Finance, Westpac, Coca Cola Amatil and Air New Zealand. 

Essatto is a comprehensive budgeting and forecasting solution with features that will supercharge your management and regulatory reporting, improve your profitability by providing you with greater business insights whilst saving you money and time by reducing the effort required to produce management and regulatory reports. Essatto allows you to create multi-layered budgets and re-forecasts over time by individual Product, Customer, Salesperson, Department and Geography.

During this session, we will demonstrate how with Essatto you can; create and store multiple multi-layered budgets and forecasts and compare them to each other and analyse against Odoo Actuals across time periods. Build a detailed top down multi-layered Budget using Essatto’s Fast Budget Feature. Capture bottom up budget and re-forecast inputs from the field using Essatto’s Excel write-back feature. Adopt a “closed loop” budget/re-forecast cycle by combining Essatto’s Top down and Bottom up Budgeting and Re-forecasting features and so much more!


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