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Odoo ERP and billing in practice at the UK National Health Service (NHS)
Industry Customer Success Story Community Talk
Ubicación: Ambassador - 10/11/23 10:00 - 10/11/23 10:30 (Europe/Brussels) (30 minutos)
Odoo ERP and billing in practice at the UK National Health Service (NHS)
Stuart Mackintosh
Stuart Mackintosh

Starting as a web developer in the 1990's, Stuart started working with Odoo V3 when it was known as TinyERP, and established one of the first UK partners.

Having lead many successful Odoo implementation projects both large and small, across industries in private and public sector, Stuart has developed a thorough understanding of both Odoo, and the business environments.

His work has been recognised as an innovator and industry leader, earning various industry awards.

As well as consulting on Odoo projects, Stuart now leads digital health projects in Europe with a focus on standardisation, scale and nurturing value-chain ecosystems.

In this talk, Stuart will share how Odoo was discovered, selected and implemented by the UK National Health Service, and the recognition leading to prestigious awards.

Two significant Odoo automation projects will be explored, both delivered during the first 6 months of the pandemic, these are:

- ERP NHS pharmacy
- GP SaaS billing platform

During the process, the projects were documented, which concluded in case studies created in conjunction with the customer.

Stuart will summarise these case studies with background on the customer journey to buying, decision points, procurement process, delivery and customer feedback.

He will explain the key success factors which lead to the recognition and industry awards, concluding with the future opportunities to further scale these projects within the NHS.

If you are thinking of working with NHS and other government departments in UK and Europe, this talk will be valuable as it will provide insights to the processes, learnings, challenges and opportunities of working with the public health system.

Stuart will be keen to hear your questions during the Q&A and explore conversations during the conference.