Smartclass - Inventory
Ort: Room 2 - Floor 12 Fountain Plaza - 29.11.23, 09:00 - 29.11.23, 17:00 (US/Eastern) (8 Stunden)

Masterclass for Odoo’s simple but im-pack-ful inventory management. Pull real-time data about stock levels, forecasted delivery dates, and inventory valuation to make informed replenishment decisions, automate data entry, and streamline warehouse transfers.

This smartclass will be held over two days: Tuesday November 28th and Wednesday November 29th.

Entrance to this smartclass includes breakfast, lunch and drinks.



This training requires to already have a medium to strong knowledge of warehouse management from a business perspective and have a basic knowledge of the Odoo Inventory and Manufacturing apps. At the start of the training, a quick introductory session is going to be held in order to have all participants sharing the same understanding of both apps.

Why should you attend?

In this smartclass, develop a deeper understanding of how Odoo optimizes how products are handled and delivered within the warehouse, which includes automated replenishment, units of measure (UoM), inter-warehouse transfers, removal strategies, and putaway rules based on defined storage needs. Explore strategies for creating custom routes (or if they’re even necessary), and which built-in scheduling tools can be used– all to simplify warehouse processes and deliver on time.

Learn warehouse organization best practices from implementation experts to ensure Odoo serves your business to its full potential. Figure out the best storage locations for optimized order fulfillment, automate the logging of product identity records with the Barcode app, and generate end-of-quarter inventory valuation reports so your business is able to make informed decisions for price adjustments. 

What will you learn?

  • How to use automated replenishment to never run out of stock
  • How to use different units of Measure (UoM)
  • How to perform inter-warehouse transfers
  • How to use the correct removal strategies (FIFO, LIFO, FEFO, Closest location) for product movement
  • How to use putaway rules based on storage needs
  • How to create custom routes to automatically generate transfers
  • How to leverage built-in scheduling tools to simplify processes
  • How determine the best storage locations for optimized order fulfillment
  • How to automate logging of product identity records with the Barcode app
  • How to generate reports
  • How to track products with lots and serial numbers, expiration dates
  • Picking methods (batch, wave, cluster)
  • How to manage and automate unique warehouse situations - like overflow stock, consignment, multiple warehouses etc.
  • Lead times

These topics will be covered using Odoo version 17 which means the new functionalities will also be presented.

  1. Morning Day 1: Inventory Set Up
  2. Morning Day 1: UoM & Tracking
  3. Afternoon Day 1: Transfers
  4. Afternoon Day 1: Picking Methods
  5. Afternoon Day 1: Barcode
  6. Morning Day 2: Routes
  7. Afternoon Day 2: Replenishment
  8. Afternoon Day 2: Inventory Adjustment
  9. Afternoon Day 2: Inventory Valuation