Customer Success Story: How Odoo Delivered 40% Boost to Popular Tent Business
Ort: Second Floor - Hall 1 - 30.11.23, 15:00 - 30.11.23, 15:30 (US/Eastern) (30 Minuten)
Customer Success Story: How Odoo Delivered 40% Boost to Popular Tent Business
Kevin Clor
Kevin Clor

Kevin Clor, CIO at TentandTable, with 10+ years of digital experience, orchestrated a Legacy-to-Digital First shift in B2B and B2C space that propelled exponential growth for TentandTable, even amidst global crises.

Introduction of Tentandtable and the Need for Odoo

Tentandtable, an established player in the manufacturing industry, has been providing a wide range of party and wedding tents (and equipment) for over 35 years. Based in Buffalo, NY, the company caters to customers across the USA seeking top-notch products for their special occasions. They were facing hurdles in managing bundle products, inventory tracking, accounting, sales, shipment management, and a few other challenges that were hampering the day-to-day activities -- but then, they found Odoo. 

Challenges and Solutions 

->Inventory Management and Stock Tracking - Solution: Implemented a simple product-wise warehouse and location setup, allowing real-time stock availability monitoring and efficient order fulfillment. 

->FBA Warehouse Setup - Solution: Configured a dedicated warehouse for Amazon's Fulfilled by Amazon (FBA) model, enabling accurate inventory tracking and seamless order fulfillment. 

->Delivery Flow in POS Store - Solution: Customized POS sessions to offer customers various delivery options, including: store pickup, direct shipping, and trade show pickup—allowing for enhanced flexibility and customer satisfaction.

 ->Order Flow Integration with Accounting - Solution: Integrated order processing seamlessly with accounting operations, eliminating manual intervention, and ensuring accurate financial tracking.

 ->Managing Bundle Products - Solution: Introduced a comprehensive solution for managing bundle products at both -- the product and sales order levels -- simplifying tracking and order processing. 

->Sales Channel-Wise Bifurcation of Orders - Solution: Implemented analytical accounting to track and manage sales orders, based on different sales channels, enabling customized payment configurations. Results and Outcomes: 

->Achieved a remarkable 32% increase in ROI. 

->Boosted productivity by 40%, thanks to streamlined operations and automation. 

->Reduced costs by 18% through optimized inventory management and efficient order processing. 

->Slashed manual intervention by 46.5%, enhancing overall operational efficiency. Key Takeaways: ->Enhanced Business Efficiency:  Odoo's integration transformed daily operations, improving order processing, inventory management, and accounting. 

->Seamless Integrations: Learn about the successful integration of Magento, Shipstation, and W2H systems, resulting in a holistic (and efficient) business ecosystem. 

->Customer-Centric Approach: Explore how diverse delivery options, and customized payment configurations, elevated customer experiences and satisfaction. 

->Future-Ready Scalability: Understand how this implementation sets the stage for future growth, catering to evolving business needs and industry demands. 

Target Audience

Industry - Manufacturing, Retail, eCommerce 

Business Type - B2B and B2C 

Business Size - Medium 

Designation - Operations Heads, CTOs, Inventory Managers, Business Owners 

Department/Function - Operations, Accounting, Inventory Management 

Key Learnings

->Leveraging the Power of Open Source, by witnessing the potential of Odoo in creating tailored solutions, via the integrating of multiple platforms. 

->Industry-Relevant Functionalities: Gain insights into the latest workflows and features that cater to the evolving needs of the manufacturing and retail sectors. 

->Automation and Efficiency: Understand how integrating platforms, like Odoo, Magento, Shipstation, and W2H can significantly enhance overall business efficiency. 

Value to the Audience: This talk unveils the transformative capabilities of open-source solutions, like Odoo. Attendees will gain insights into the seamless integration of diverse platforms, automation of critical workflows, and the ability to adapt (and innovate) functionalities to suit unique business requirements.