Product Variants - Applying & Customizing

In this video, learn how to use the product variants to create different versions of a single product.  Introduction: 00:00 - 00:40 Related Products: 00:41 - 02:00 Adding Attribute Values to Product : 02:01 - 03:38 Attribute Configurations on Product Detail Form (Value Price Extra): 03:39 - 06:49 How Variants Look (Front-End): 06:50 - 07:32 How Variants Look (Back-End): 07:33 - 08:09 Conclusion: 08:10 - 08:37 Other lessons related to this video:  Sales Basics and Your First Quotation: Product Variants - Set-Up: Pricelists - Multiple Need more information about Odoo apps?  Discover Odoo, schedule a demo, or start your own Odoo revolution for free (no credit card required), at

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1. Which ‘Sales Variant Selection’ option allows users to select a large number of product variants at once?
2. What field needs to be customized in order to charge more money for a specific product variant?
3. Which smart button should be clicked to see all the products that use a specific attribute?