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Global Connect Asia Co.,Ltd

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Global Connect Asia Co.,Ltd
170/B, Yarzathingyan 3rd Street 11 Qtr, Thingangyun Tsp.
Yuzana Tower, Shwegondine Junction,
+95 9650055556

Global Connect Asia, GCA was founded in Apr 2012 and since then transforming the businesses through Digitalisation and the Art of Cloud-based Technology. 

We are digitally transforming businesses in Asia by offering cloud-based ERP solutions leveraged on Odoo, the great ERP.

We specialize Odoo in:

  • Trading Solution

  • Distribution Solution

  • Transportation & GPS Solution

  • Logistics Solution

  • Customized ERP

Our Services

  • Business IT Consultation

  • ERP platform implementation

  • Accounting Consultation

  • Customization / Development ERP Modules

  • Integration with third party softwares (Payment Gateway, SMS, etc.. )

Our Team includes:

  • Business advisors

  • Project Managers

  • Functional Analysts

  • Domain Specialist

  • Accounting Consultants

  • Data & Server Architectures

  • Odoo developers

  • Customer Success Engineers


Hercules Logistics Co., Ltd
Hercules Logistics Co., Ltd
HERCULES LOGISTICS Co., Ltd is a transportation company, with a principal office located in Mandalay, Myanmar.
HERCULES LOGISTICS Co., Ltd is mainly focused not only in transporting goods but also in detailed support works of the whole physical distribution process including; warehousing and inventory management.

We are operating more than nearly 30 units of vehicles in order to fulfill the needs of our customers that fit the cargo segment with capacity ranging from 3 to 30 tones.

Our units consist of many different brands of trucks like IVECO, Mitsubishi and each of them are equipped with online-system as well as GPS facilities in order to give the best service to the customer.

“Customer satisfaction is our success” that we always hold in hand when running the company.

No matter how big or small your company is, we will give your business the personal attention it requires together with the efficiencies, breadth of service of back-up only a company our size can. Superior service and ultimate reliability is the result.
Ngwe Yi Pale Cement Co., Ltd.
Ngwe Yi Pale Cement Co., Ltd.
Ngwe Yi Pale (Group of Companies) was successfully formed on (3.3.2014) in Naung Cho, Shan State, Myanmar and with the approval of Myanmar Directorate of Investment and Company Administration. We manufacture and distribute products that are essential for building in modern architecture and developed nation and essential products in our daily life.
Our group now employs 3,030 employees in subsidiary companies (such as the Crown Cement & Concrete Factory, Sugar factory and Mining Factory) to perform in sales department, administration department, human resources department and accounting in operation. We have partnered with Global Connect Asia Business Solution Company to create a lot of good results for our business, even though we have hired more skillful staffs to handle the various processes, but also to evaluate / simplify / streamline the systematic nature of human error.
Sann Shinn Trading Co., Ltd
Sann Shinn Trading Co., Ltd
Founded in 2000 in Myanmar, Sann Shinn Trading Co., Ltd has been trading as a required area throughout the country since its inception. We supply a wide range of equipment such as boiler, machine accessories, boiler pipes, refueling gasket, cartable and water purifier from Muse and successfully distribute between 80 and 100 employees to all parts of Myanmar. We (Sann Shinn Company) are now working perfectly as a partner of Global Connect Asia (GCA) Business Solution Company to handle trading processes with Odoo Enterprise Software and was able to open three branches in Yangon and Mandalay.
Shwe Yar Su
Shwe Yar Su
Shwe Yar Su Co., Ltd is one of the successful manufacturers and distributors of agricultural services and equipment in Myanmar. High quality agricultural equipment, engines, tractors and spare parts are also exported to every area of the country from the branches in Yangon and Mandalay. Now we operate our business with 150 qualified employees and advanced technology.