Odoo.sh for Project Managers & Developers
位置: Martin's / Infinity - 2019/10/3 上午11:00 - 2019/10/3 上午11:20 (Europe/Brussels) (20 分鐘)
Odoo.sh for Project Managers & Developers
Benjamin Akboka Apengu, Developer - Odoo
Benjamin Akboka Apengu, Developer - Odoo

Holding a Master degree in Engineering with a major in computer science from the ULB, Benjamin joined Odoo in 2018 as a client solution developer. From the start, he was put a big project using the odoo.sh platform.

What is Odoo.sh? 

How many staging branch do I need? 

How much disk space should I buy? 

Those are the most popular questions about our platform. It can seem intimidating at first but hopefully, this talk will answer all those questions and many more. Odoo.sh is our platform dedicated to developers. This talk will explain what exactly this platform is, its difference with the saas equivalent and when should it be used. 

After that introduction, the talk will give guidelines on how to use the different features of Odoo.sh to manage the project efficiently. We will also answer questions such as what git-flow should the developers use while using the platform. This talk targets big projects as well as smaller ones.

Target audience : SPOC, Project manager, Developers    

Key learnings: git-flow, project management, software management    

Value to the audience: Setup and utilization of Odoo.sh    

Structure of the talk: 

Introduction: whats is Odoo.sh  Basic setup Git flow summary Dev branch: how to use them Staging branch: how to manage them Naming convention