Torino Food Service Runs Paperless And Boosts Efficiency By 40% With Odoo

Company Name: Torino Food Service Pty Ltd

Location: Australia

Industry: F&B, Distribution

Company Size: 50-249

Hosting Type: On-Premise

Partner Name: WilldooIT (

Apps Implemented: Email Marketing, SMS Marketing, Live Chat, Documents, Sign, Purchase, Manufacturing, Inventory, Accounting, eCommerce, Website, Sales, Invoicing, Stripe Payment Acquirer, Discuss, CRM, Contacts, Calendar, Dashboards

Since 1988, Torino Food Service has served the Australian F&B scene with top-class dairy and fresh produce, mainly from local suppliers. 

Starting as a group of dedicated pizzeria owners to now a family business that aspires to bridge local restaurants with premium ingredients to work with, the distributor keeps up with the fast-paced industry by streamlining its operations with the integrable Odoo solution that facilitates real-time data sharing. 

Manual and Complicated Operations

Slow Paper-Based Invoicing Workflow: Torino hired administrative staff to handle paper invoices, limited to processing 200 per day. The physical nature of the invoices often caused issues like creases, tears, and missing signatures, requiring additional work to prepare them again.

Inefficient Accounting: Torino found managing their business on Nexus ERP to be smooth for the ordering processes. However, they faced difficulties managing finances on the system until they integrated an external program for better information filtering and extraction.

Managing 7 Different Systems At A Time: The food distributor ran a separate server and six other systems on order, website & eCommerce, finance, CRM, SMS messaging, and email marketing to support Nexus. 

Tasks would get lost in translation from the non-integrated platforms as no program spoke perfectly to each other. The company once experienced a 6-hour delay on the online inventory level from its customer portal as it could only update its website every midnight. 

All-In-One Business Management Solution

The family business took matters into its own hands during the Covid lockdown. To digitally transform business management, Torino chose Odoo for our cloud-based and open-source nature while being fully featured and easy to use. The company decided to work with our local partner, WilldooIT, to tailor the system, such as payroll management, to its specific needs.

Paperless Invoicing System Boosts Efficiency By 100%

Odoo Invoicing generates Torino's invoices with all the essential details from Odoo Sales synchronized—customer details, product prices, and tax rates are automated from SOs (sales orders) and attached to respective POs (purchase orders). Odoo's support for multiple currencies and automatic conversion updates also benefits the food distributor while sourcing premium ingredients from international vendors. 

On Odoo, Torino has transitioned to processing all invoices online. This paperless workflow has proven to be time-saving and efficient. It empowers the food distributor to process up to 400 invoices daily using only an iPad, doubling their previous capability on the old system. 

Thanks also to the integration with Odoo Sales and CRM, managers at Torino can easily spot reasons the business loses customers as the entire pitching process is recorded online and automated on Odoo. 

Every order is sorted according to teams on the Sales app—Sales, Pre-Sales, Point of Sales, and Website, to name a few. With complimentary sales analysis coming with each team, sales managers can check sales revenue and sort it by different group criteria, such as salesperson, partner, and product, to identify the best-performing and growing team member, partner, and items in clicks.

Likewise, this feature is equally useful when it comes to improving services. On the sales team dashboard, sales activities and performance of each team are presented clearly by date, invoicing target, and revenues made right next to each other. Managers can, therefore, spot the weakest link in the process and make necessary business decisions in time.

Effortless Odoo Accounting

Accounting is my favorite app because I get a snapshot of my business in 2 minutes.

Paul Carageorge • General Manager at Torino Food Service

Comprehensive yet intuitive, Odoo Accounting manages Torino's sales, account receivables, account payables, and inventory analysis. Powered by AI, the system captures data from Odoo Purchase and Invoicing and automates the company's account journals with a 98% recognition rate. 

On Odoo, Torino's finance team no longer relies on third-party programs and software to filter and extract information from the manually scanned copies during closing seasons; instead, Odoo facilitates information sharing and automates all essential financial data on the bills and revenues while clearly presenting them on Torino's financial dashboard. 

Paul, General Manager at Torino, also praised Odoo Accounting for tracking every edit made on the app along the way. Following the "breadcrumbs" on the top left-hand corner of the interface of pages and documents visited in chronological order, the team can always trace back to the origin of a particular piece of false information and make necessary corrections to set the record straight.

Seamless Business Management

Also, having other Odoo modules in place, Torino has streamlined business operations from seven platforms into one Odoo system.

Website & eCommerce: The interconnected Odoo Website and eCommerce modules facilitate timely customer support, for 70% of Torino's orders are from online. Whenever the visitors on the website make a transaction, the Torino team can instantly manage the order on the backend via Odoo eCommerce. 

The team can also make edits through the Website app directly on the front end for any urgent changes. 

CRM: Organising all sales activities, including pitches, calls, and email exchanges, into one app, Odoo CRM encourages better lead generation to improve business achievement by allowing managers at Torino to analyze customer behaviors and responses to each sales activity and evaluate the team's performance. 

Email Marketing: Torino utilizes Odoo Email Marketing to announce promotions and all important company updates with tailored recipient lists based on the tags and contact categories in Odoo CRM.

A More Professional and Efficient Business Transformation


Streamlined and integrated, Odoo has helped Torino achieve a 40% advancement in efficiency. Thanks to the real-time data sharing of Odoo, the Australian company now also operates more professionally and mindfully, building a better company image that can only benefit the growing business. 

Torino Food Service


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