Shaping Success: One Media and Odoo

Company Name: One Media

Location: Mexico

Industry: Multimedia equipment marketer

Apps Implemented: Purchase, Sales, Inventory, Helpdesk, CRM,  and more

Company Size: 5

Number of Users: 4

Hosting Type: Odoo Online

One Media is a Mexican company committed to providing tailored consultancy and technological solutions aimed at addressing the individual challenges of each client. 

With a strong reputation for fostering growth communities, both internally and with its clients, the company enters the Mexican market with a clear service-oriented approach and strategic alliances. Recognizing that products are fundamental, One Media relies on robust partnerships, and commits itself to providing comprehensive support in logistics, operations, and service.

Discovering Odoo

In their quest to optimize processes and enhance customer service, One Media faced the challenge of finding an ERP system that met their needs. After experimenting with various options, they discovered Odoo online, and instantly knew it was the comprehensive solution they were looking for. 

For Guadalupe González, Administrative Director of One Media, Odoo's versatility, integrating CRM, quotations, inventory, and more, was a decisive factor:

Implementation and Tangible Benefits

Currently, One Media is finalizing the first phase of Odoo implementation, covering quotations, sales, invoicing, and purchases, with plans to expand to CRM and tickets. 

Odoo's ability to automate processes has been a lifesaver for the company, especially in areas, such as rental equipment management. According to Guadalupe González, "Odoo has been like a tailor-made suit," allowing One Media to simplify operations, and significantly reduce manual errors.

Odoo's adoption promises to revolutionize One Media's efficiency, speeding up processes and eliminating obstacles that previously hindered their growth. With all data centralized in one system, the company can now make informed decisions swiftly and accurately. Additionally, the detailed record of all interactions provides greater transparency and traceability at every step of the process.

Recommendation and Future Outlook

Guadalupe González has no hesitation in recommending Odoo to other companies, highlighting its adaptability to different types and sizes of businesses. For her, the switch to Odoo has been more than worthwhile, as the system not only strengthens the business structure, but also drives significant growth in all aspects. 

If Odoo had to be described in one word, Guadalupe sums it up as "organization," reflecting the transformative impact this solution has had on One Media.

About One Media

One Media is a Mexican company known for offering tailored consultancy and technological solutions to meet the needs of its clients. In facing the challenge of optimizing its business processes, One Media found in Odoo a comprehensive solution that allows them to efficiently manage their operations, from quotations and sales, to invoicing and customer service. 

Odoo's adoption has revolutionized the way One Media operates, providing powerful tools to drive their growth, and achieve their business goals, with greater agility and precision.

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