Odoo Saves Operation Time For Japanese Snack Manufacturer KOIKEYA

Company Name: KOIKEYA. Inc.
Location: Japan, Belgium
Industry: Food and Beverage, Manufacturing
Company Size: 945
Apps Implemented: Purchase, and Inventory, and Project, and Accounting, and Sales, and Invoicing, and CRM, and Studio
Implementation Time: 2 Months
Hosting Type: Odoo Online

Time and efficiency are precious, especially for an expanding business like KOIKEYA. Odoo made it easy to deal with new things while still having the capacity to manage other parts of the business.

Kazuhiro Koyama• International Business Department of KOIKEYA

Founded in 1953, KOIKEYA manufactures some of the world's most popular savory snacks, contributing to €330 million in annual sales. Being the first Japanese potato chips producer, the manufacturer toasts to the 40th anniversary of Karamucho, its No.1 spicy chips in Japan, in 2024. Today, KOIKE-YA celebrates its heritage, craftsmanship, and innovation worldwide and operates in 35 countries.

A Team That Seeks Improvement

Manual Stock Check: Since the opening of the Belgium Branch in 2016,  the European business  grew from 2 to 10 product lines. Managing all SKUs on an Excel sheet, the team took at least 30 minutes for regular stock checks each time. Sales representatives also found it inconvenient to refer to the sheet to check stock levels at every step of the sales process. 

Inefficient Communication: Without an efficient platform to centralize data, the teams had to go through chains of emails where they send purchase orders (POs) and receive sales orders (SOs) to look for information.

Streamlined Workflow Supported by Odoo

As the European business scope expanded, the snack manufacturer found the increasing need for digital transformation and centralizing business online to simplify workflow for international teams.

Odoo proved to be an apt solution to KOIKEYA's problems. Thanks to the intuitive user interface (UI), new hires in the overseas office can immediately start managing their tasks on Odoo without a manual. 

The team also appreciated Odoo's range of features, covering business management, which includes customer relationship management and finance administration, to complement the company's growth.

Sales Process 3 Times More Efficient

Now overseeing the entire sales process on Odoo Sales, and Purchase, and Invoicing, KOIKEYA experienced a much-streamlined sales process, with Odoo automating much of the task. 

Sales representatives can now create sales orders (SOs) in 5 minutes as all information is synchronized between the Sales and Invoicing app, boosting efficiency by 3 times. 

With all sales information centralized on Odoo, managers also save much time and effort conducting sales performance benchmarking as they can easily measure year-to-year, quarter-to-quarter, and even day-to-day growth—what required the team 1 hour on Excel now only takes less than 10 seconds on Odoo. 

Intuitive Inventory

With the preset "First Expire First Out" rule, KOIKEYA finds managing stock effortless on Odoo Inventory, which attunes to the company's practice. 

Additionally, the Inventory app facilitates accurate real-time stock checks, as stock level updates instantly with every sale. It also spares KOIKEYA much time in data collection as a simple click on the SKU shows the expiration date, stock location, and other important product information with "great data visibility," according to Benjamin Depasse, salesperson in the International Business Department in KOIKEYA. 

Superior Customer Relationship Management

Odoo CRM is truly amazing. It's like playing a game and not like working at all. With the visibility and colorful interface, Odoo is very instinctive compared to its competitors.

Benjamin Depasse • International Business Department of KOIKEYA

Having saved time on sales and inventory management, the KOIKEYA team took this as a chance to improve customer relationship management with Odoo CRM

KOIKEYA appreciated Odoo's instinctive color system, which clearly sorts customers by their respective project status and recurring revenue and allows the team to quickly spot possible growth and potential sales opportunities at a glance. Once an opportunity is spotted, sales managers can access sales history and customer information recorded in other Odoo apps from the same window in a few clicks. Following the breadcrumbs, the team always returns to the previous modules to never leave tasks unfinished.

Dynamic Reporting

I just click "Reporting" on Odoo to manage all sales,

Tomomi Yamaguchi\ International Business Department of KOIKEYA\

Odoo also did not disappoint with its dynamic reporting features, which allow the manufacturer to gain a precise understanding of its business performance at all times. 

On Odoo Sales, Yamaguchi-san from KOIKEYA utilizes Odoo's sales forecast feature to generate reports to get a full picture of product, salesperson, and market performance. She informs herself to make the best and most timely business decisions and finds this feature of increasing importance as KOIKEYA continues to grow. In the meantime, Odoo Inventory is also helpful in generating stock control reports to assist the team in performing administrative tasks. 

Expanding Services With Odoo

It is also our plan to expand our business to eCommerce. If it weren't for Odoo, we wouldn't know where to start. Nicolas explained how it works on Odoo, and we feel this is much easier to start with.

Tomomi Yamaguchi • International Business Department of KOIKEYA

Aspired to share its much-loved snacks with more people worldwide, KOIKEYA is now exploring the opportunity to support eCommerce sales on Odoo. Assisting end users every step of the way to scale up, Odoo is proud to be part of KOIKEYA's journey to spread Japanese gastronomic greatness to the world. 


Nicolas Gantois

Nicolas Gantois takes up the role of Head of Mid-Market and Corporate Team in APAC by providing dedicated business support and optimal management solutions to large-scale organizations and multinational corporations and leads the implementation in KOIKEYA Belgium. Nicolas aims to lay a strong foundation for customers' trust and confidence in Odoo. 

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