How Odoo can improve a teacher's course

Three years ago, Odoo decided to offer its solution for free for academic purposes. Today, the Odoo Education Program gathers more than 300 teachers all over the world. 

The teachers have the opportunity to use a real business tool to support their classes in business management, accounting, sales, human resources, etc. Odoo online is offered for free and with unlimited amount of users and apps.

Fernando de la Mata uses Odoo online since January 2015. He teaches "Business Management Systems" in the Salesian Santo Domingo College in Madrid.

During his trip to Belgium, he took the opportunity to drop by our Brussels' office. He explained us his experience with Odoo and how the students are working with it. 

Here is his story:

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Hello. My name is Fernando de la Mata. I am a vocational training teacher at the Salesian school Santo Domingo Savio in Madrid, in Spain. And now I am teaching in a higher degree how to develop cross-platform applications.

I chose Odoo for my course because out of the existing different solutions we like to teach in open source, Odoo has everything that could offer us the open source like creating modules from scratch or have the resource of using the online version thanks to the software as a service (Saas).

There are various advantages of using Odoo in our school, from being able to tell how everything works because we have to give students access to all modules , creating their own modules. During our workshops, we like to give them real-life situations of how a real company works using Odoo. Then, they create a fictitious company for their final exam based on an actual company case study. The students learn how to find the appropriate solution for the company based on the available resources and applications of Odoo

Out of all the different solutions available on the market right now, I recommend Odoo because Odoo offers teachers, like myself, a number of resources for students to understand what is the objective of the course. Additionally, Odoo offers online access without any kind of costs and Odoo gives us resources for teaching.

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