Bruss'Help develops a Crisis Platform to Take Care of the Homeless with Odoo

Organisation: Bruss’Help asbl
Location: Brussels, Belgium
Industry: Non-profit
Partner name: dFakto
Odoo Functional Consultants: Stephane De Deken, Account Manager at Odoo
Loïc Gamain, dFakto
Jeremy Empsen, dFakto
Gianmarco Panciroli, dFakto 
Apps Implemented: Project, Helpdesk, Website
Organisation size: 9 employees, 10 volunteers and 10 doctors
Number of Odoo users: 15
Hosting Type: On-Premise

Bruss’help (formerly La Strada) is a regional center that is responsible for coordinating emergency social support and inclusiveness in Brussels. The organisation also carries out studies and analysis on the issue of homelessness within the city. Their objectives are to study issues related to homelessness, develop preventive approaches, plan assistance and an integrated deployment of support devices for homeless people. In the context of the COVID-19 crisis, Bruss'Help coordinated emergency aid to the most vulnerable populations affected by the pandemic.

In this period of crisis, Bruss'Help faced multiple challenges. One of the biggest challenges was coordinating the actions of associations and volunteers in the field and collecting reports from vulnerable people. This information was then stored in many Excel files which caused confusion for the administrative team and generated synchronization problems. 

“Before, we had to call the various centers or associations. We consulted a dozen different Excel spreadsheets to find out about availability. So we were wasting time and data. The doctors who visited the various reception centers or beneficiaries needed an interface to encode their diagnosis and to orient hospitals, depending on whether they were affected by Covid-19 or not.” 
- François Bertrand, Director at Bruss’Help

What the organisation wanted was to be able to store all information in a centralized place to ensure the monitoring and orientation of beneficiaries. Having seen Odoo’s offer to associations on the front line of the Covid-19 fight, Odoo partner dFakto deployed a monitoring platform within a few days using Odoo Contacts and Helpdesk. 

Today, Odoo Helpdesk supports Bruss’Help’s monitoring of all beneficiaries suspected to be suffering from COVID-19, in a centralized view in real time. The platform coordinates the information reported by volunteers, organizations (approx. 150) and doctors (11) and is fully automated thanks to integrated reports and dashboards. They can now work together simultaneously while also keeping track of all changes. Additionally, doctors and medical teams can now directly inform and consult medical information to ensure effective monitoring of patients. 

Key users at Bruss’Help most value the agile feature of the Odoo platform that allows integrators to offer the best solutions according to individual situations. Thanks to the flexibility of the Odoo framework, it is fast and easy to add and remove fields. This increased Bruss’Help reporting and monitoring in only a couple of days.

With Odoo’s customization feature, future beneficiaries can now be monitored according to their orientation e.g. hospital, hotel room or follow-up in dedicated structures. This centralized management makes it possible to efficiently manage the places available in real time and quickly respond to different needs.

Thanks to Odoo, Bruss'Help and associations are free from tedious manual processes and can devote themselves to fully supporting vulnerable people. 

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