Brainvire Developed Marketplace for Leading Cybersecurity Provider with Odoo

Company: AmiViz DMCC
Location: UAE
Industry: Value-added distributor of Security Services
Apps: CRM, Sales, Purchase, Accounting, Inventory, Website, Event, Marketing, Project
Company Size: Approx 80 Employees
Odoo Users: 62
Implementation Partner: Brainvire Infotech Inc.
Implementation Timeline: 6 Months


AmiViz is a marketplace for cybersecurity in the Middle East and Africa that is intended to benefit businesses like resellers and vendors. Driven by innovation and cutting-edge technologies, AmiViz provides a unique collaborative self-service tool – in the form of a mobile app and a web-based Portal - to enterprise resellers, consultants/system integrators, channel partners, and vendors.

AmiViz is a marketplace that connects small and medium-sized businesses with top and specialized cybersecurity vendors. Endpoint Protection & Identity Management, Threat Intelligence, Cloud Security, Network & Data Analytics, and Risk & Compliance are four distinct service offerings available through AmiViz.

AmiViz has built a significant customer capital of 3,000+ across industries like Government, BFSI, Oil & Gas, Telcos, and large businesses by combining channel empowerment with a strong commitment to providing excellent client experiences.

AmiViz’s core philosophy is based on four key pillars of its platform – Collaboration, CEC Lab, Data Intelligence, and Automation. AmiViz is using Odoo-based collaboration tools and order-processing automation with no hassle and zero technical skills. It helped its reseller partners and vendors with a single repository for all deal data information.

Business Challenges

The client was capable of providing basic access to the system while keeping reseller-specific data on their portal. However, they were facing issues with further customization options with limited customer support.

Amiviz's commissions, reseller rebates, reseller sales rep incentives, and loyalty point redemption were all difficult to handle. It was difficult to separate the general and opportunity-specific requests. Furthermore, it was pretty challenging to grant vendors access to all of their product leads/opportunities (as well as their sales), and keep track of their orders.


Amiviz has been using the Zoho system, and it didn’t work great, so they decided to go with Odoo because of its customization options and UI specifications. Brainvire, being an Odoo Gold Partner, helped them in transforming, and replaced Zoho with Odoo Marketplace, Backend Solution - with modules such as: Sales, Purchase, Accounting, Marketing, and other required customizations (according to the client’s business needs).

The Amiviz client is linked to the Spectrami organization. They are a worldwide Value-Added Distributor providing comprehensive Cyber Security solutions. By selling Vendor Incubation Packages and then promoting the sales of those goods through a robust channel of Resellers, they operate their business. As a result, Brainvire decided to give them a full-fledged Odoo solution with its industry experts.

“The engagement rate rose when Odoo was used to automate order processing and provide relevant user information. In addition, the Data & Analytics platform keeps track of all critical indicators to help businesses make informed decisions for profit. This digital transformation resulted in a new consumer experience” - CEO, Amiviz.

Odoo Implementation

Our experts from Brainvire have a deep understanding of Odoo development and have built the backend system for the distributor to a high level, due to their extensive expertise with the platform. The following is the list of modules in Odoo that can be used to make backend operations easier.


Lead generation made simple - Automated leads can be obtained from emails, VoIP conversations, and it is now simple to submit quotations in a few clicks.

Leads - They can create personalized emails based on customer segments and behaviors. They also have the choice of creating a variety of activities dependent on lead score and team assignment limitations in Odoo. Using the column matching tool in Odoo, they can quickly import prospect files.

Live Chat - Brainvire built an active Live Chat on Amiviz's website to interact with their customers and convert them into leads. However, it has been built with the help of Firebase and integrated with Odoo. 


The system is integrated with the Odoo backend to provide a complete workflow that allows salespeople to access data easily. The system will send quotes in a few clicks and can generate orders & invoices from one screen. Brainvire has integrated it with Odoo CRM to manage their sales pipeline from qualifying through closure. Also, they receive a sales alert before sending their team of experts to particular end-users, or customers for specific products, if necessary.

Create Quotations

Brainvire's experts built a sales module that can generate a professional quotation in seconds, and utilize predetermined items, templates, and pricing lists to assist their salespeople to function more effectively.

The AmiViz user can tailor quotations for selling more by providing extra options, closing triggers, discounts, new goods, and so on to both resellers and vendors with incubation packages.

Order Management

Sales Orders - With a click, Amiviz can transform quotations into sales orders, or customers can accomplish it themselves using online quotations and Odoo eSign. This saves time to modify sales orders, sell product kits, and ship partial orders.

Invoice Management - Invoice on ordered or delivered quantities based on time and materials. Manage payment terms by the customer or by invoice. Easily track and follow up on invoice aging.

Reseller and Vendor Portal - We built a portal for both resellers and vendors with access to an online portal to view their quotes, sales orders and track the status of delivery orders in real-time.

Order-Specific Routes - Apply special routes from order lines: dropshipping, replenish on order, etc.

Contracts - Amiviz can now track every step of a contract, from billing to renewal and up-selling. Subscriptions are fully integrated into Odoo Subscriptions for managing recurring invoices, like memberships or service contracts, contract renewal notifications, and contract selections, as well as tracking recurring revenue using the MRR dashboard.

Streamline Communication - We created a personalized collaboration platform for communication purposes that streamlined their business processes.

Maintaining Products and Pricing

Product Variation - The user can build and customize products with a variety of characteristics, such as: size, color, finish, etc.

Discounts - Amiviz can utilize a discount to affect the price of a quoted product, and they have the option of whether or not to disclose it.

Types of Products - They can now handle any product, including services, stackable items, delivery fees, electronic goods, or consumables.

Customization of Products - It is quick and straightforward to set up their items, and sell them by selecting settings and optional goods.

Pricelists - Calculate the correct price based on customer needs. Amiviz can add pricelists to individual items and automatically apply the proper pricelist depending on order criteria, such as: quantity and/or date (depending on each client’s segment).

Detailed Reporting

Dashboard - Brainvire provided a customized dashboard to each user with the sophisticated reporting engine.

Opportunity Analysis - Amiviz can sort their possibilities pipeline by date, type of project, or other criteria using advanced tools. They can also use filters (such as grouping), and drill down to examine it further, and discuss the lead analysis.

CRM Dashboard - We built a dashboard to display their sales team KPIs in an instant.


Odoo's inventory management, for example, will require a user interface that is both quick and easy-to-use.

Vendor Bills Handling - Amiviz, and their vendors, can verify that they've paid the right bill by comparing the data on the Purchase Order, Vendor Bill, and Receipt.

Tenders Purchasing - Amiviz can launch purchase tenders, link vendor answers throughout the process, and evaluate alternatives. Select the greatest offer and send purchase orders quickly. After that, use reporting to analyze your suppliers' quality.

Blanket Order Agreement - Amiviz included a blanket purchase agreement, in which a customer purchases goods from a vendor at a negotiated price on a recurring basis during a predetermined time period.

Requests for Quotations

RFQ for Vendors - Amiviz has customized the “Requests for Quotations” option to its customers and vendors to send out RfQs for each product.

Send Requests by Email or Post - Users can submit RfQs immediately from the app, by mail, or both in one click.

Personalized Message - For each of the RfQs sent, Amiviz can include a bespoke message from their Vendors/Resellers.

Process Automation - The user can put up limits to automatically transmit RfQs to a vendor, based on inventory levels.

Order Management

RFQs and Order Monitoring - Amiviz can keep track of the progress of bids and purchases, as well as order amounts and expected delivery dates. There will be no more draft PO to create. When creating a draft invoice, auto-complete is enabled.

Manage Incoming Stocks - They can keep track of inventory, and figure out where each batch of goods is coming from, and how much.

Automated Ordering - This module enables Amiviz to establish procurement rules that will automatically order the necessary items based on stock levels, minimum quantities per location (or per supplier), sales, or other criteria.

Invoice Management

Easy-to-Create Drafts - Design drafts of invoices that you can easily modify or cancel later.

Future Orders Can Be Controlled - Keep track of orders that have been created for a date in the future.

Internal Moves Can Be Handled - Organize the movement of items between two locations you own.

Product Handling

Product Creation - They can easily define sales price, type, barcode, and reference to differentiate similar products.

Distributor Reference Can Be Added - Amizviz can add the reference used by each supplier for the item to make it easier to find for both of them.

Product Variants - They can add variations (such as color, memory capacity, etc.), on the product to allow for a cleaner list of items.

Define Procurement Rules - Reference all the suppliers distributing the item, order them by priority, and record their delivery time (and minimum quantity) to save time on new orders.

Ideal Search Filters - The users can search products with the supplier reference on the purchase order.

Units of Measure - Purchase in different units of measurement, and let Odoo manage the conversion.

Check Stock and Availability - Amiviz can keep track of inventory, incoming orders, and product availability.

Specify Storage Location - Define the product’s exact position within your warehouse.

Create Sale Conditions - Amiviz can define the warranty length, and specify customer and manufacturer lead times.

Include Accounting Rules - They can specify their accounting category, and define customer and Reseller accounts (and taxes).


Through this module, they can plan and structure their event management, they can drag-and-drop building blocks into place, and share their speakers and agenda information with attendees and prospects.

Drag & Drop Editor - They can structure their event pages with Odoo’s premade building blocks, and can create landing pages, agendas, speaker bios, calls-to-action, images, links, and much more in just a few clicks.

Building Blocks System - Now, Amiviz can edit their events by adding the text and graphics directly within the editable content of their building blocks.

Talk Proposal Management - Amiviz can allow visitors to submit talks and speakers on their event websites, and organize the validation process of every talk.

Tracks Management - They can follow every step from issuing the call for speakers to managing submissions, content, and speakers.

Attendees Management - They can also manage classes and resources, create a group of attendees, set min/max capacities, and add custom questions at subscriptions, per attendee, or per subscription. In addition, they can customize entrance badges and analyze attendee profiles.

Mobile Registration - Use your smartphone to see the list of attendees, or simply use your phone's camera to scan badges and update the list of attendees.

Event Organization - They can manage a calendar of events, multiple locations, and organizers.

Event Budget - They can do the administration of resources allocation and automated purchases.

Event Collateral Management - They can obtain an accurate attendees list and print badges.

Follow-Up - They can send automated follow-up emails (or satisfaction surveys) and allow reviews.

Social Media Integration - They can set a Twitter Hashtag for each of their events.

SEO Integration - They can get keyword suggestions according to Google’s most searched terms and improve SEO.

Manage Sales & Increase Revenues - Brainvire configured automated invoicing, cancellation policies, specific prices for Amiviz’s members, and sale conditions (like an “early bird”) for their event.

Dashboards & Reporting- Real-time information and data on your event.


Simplified Segmentation - Amiviz can quickly segment their database with a simple widget that integrates demographic and behavioral information. Their contacts will be enrolled automatically in the campaign when they match the criteria.

Advanced Stats - They have access to key performance indicators, such as: bounce rate, open rate, deliverability, and click-throughs.

Testing Mode - Amiviz can execute their process on a test contact to observe the sequence of events in the course before launching their campaign.

Better Workflows - Brainvire created and customized workflows with a visual interface to better envision Amiviz’s customer journey. So, now they can get their contacts following one path or another based on an action in their workflow.

Tracking of Visitors - They can manage UTMs to track visitors from their website to the sale order or invoices.

Conditions Run on a Schedule - They can schedule the execution of their workflows.


Brainvire's accounting module features a lovely user interface that is based on Google Material Design style. There is no need to manually generate invoices, print and mail them, track bank statements, or follow up payments.

Multi Invoice Payment Option - They save time because they can combine payment with several invoices, and utilize a button on the payment form.

Easy Configuration - With a configuration progress bar, Brainvire made their initial setup easier.

Accounts Receivable

Customer Invoices - Brainvire assisted them in Odoo accounting, which allowed them to produce simple, attractive, and complete invoices (including: payment terms, several taxes, discounts, price lists, etc.).

Term of Advance Payment - They can handle several transactions for the same invoice, cash discounts, and prepayment invoices.

Draft Propositions of Invoice - Odoo is a popular open-source accounting software. To help you manage sales and invoicing, Amiviz can create bills based on sales orders, timesheets, or delivery orders generated automatically by Odoo.

Account Payables

Vendor Bills Controlled - To ensure that they pay the correct invoice, Amiviz can compare the information on the Purchase Order, the Vendor Bill, and the Receipt to verify that it is accurate.


Multi-Currency Support - It has a feature where Amiviz's currency rates are updated automatically every day.

Multi-Companies - Amiviz can integrate all of their suppliers and resellers into a single system, with consolidation reports in real-time. With inter-company regulations, they can automate business processes.

Multiple Users - Amiviz is a marketplace that allows the resellers and vendors to create as many users as they want, with varying access permissions on the same marketplace.

Simple Reconciliation

Real-Time Reconciliation Tool - They can instantly receive reconciliation proposals, add new journal entries on-the-fly, and search effectively. Manually reconcilable accounts are available in both open and paid versions, and learning of account numbers is based on the first manual reconciliation. Odoo successfully generates accurate invoices and payments automatically, thanks to sophisticated matching technology.


KPIs That Can Be Changed (or Customized) - Amiviz can define their own KPIs using formulae, such as gross margin, customer acquisition costs, and product growth rate.

Country-Specific Statements - As their vendors and resellers can choose the different country, they can have currencies and Intrastat reports, VAT statements, P&L/BS of the country, a listing of VAT subject customers, etc.

Tax Audit Report - The tax audit report allows Amiviz to check how the tax report is computed for audit purposes. In the tax report, they can select a line, and click on the "audit" button to audit the journal items.

Invoicing - With contracts and automating recurring invoices, payments, and renewal alerts, Amiviz makes it easy to handle subscription and recurring revenue. Their salespeople receive automated notifications when contracts have to be renewed.

Collaboration Portal for Reseller (Universal Messaging Platform)

We developed a Collaboration Platform where the users can start and keep a record of a lead-specific chat, and add or remove individuals, as needed. The attachment-sharing function of this collaboration platform is utilized to communicate and distribute files, just like other messaging platforms for resellers, vendors, and Amiviz users. Each chat has its own set of stages, such as the Initial Inquiry Stage, a Potential Opportunity, Confirmed Order & Estimated Scheduled Delivery Stage, Shipment Tracking Stage, and Reviews & Rating stage.



Brainvire created a marketplace for Amiviz using the Odoo Multi-Vendor Marketplace. The module allows Amiviz to work with many vendors and sell their items online. As a Marketplace Owner (Admin), Amiviz has complete control over products, orders, sellers, etc., as well as seller shops, and much more.

Brainvire created a Reseller Portal for Amiviz that allows resellers to post contracts, sign them electronically, and share them back with the distributor. In addition, resellers can offer purchasing quotations from the vendor, and distributors can provide leads.

On the Reseller portal, we've set up a section with Flash promotional deals (and Rebate offers) on the reseller portal. Amiviz has made items available for resellers to add to their sales portfolio, and provided them the opportunity to share any lead from a web portal.


There will be no more lost emails or late replies, saving time and effort. No need to track each email manually; there are no tracking conversations in mails; curtail going through lengthy independent threads on mailing systems to pin down information and data...

We were able to assist Amiviz and their vendors in establishing clear methods for communicating with one another, allowing Amiviz to control (and track) their suppliers in Odoo.

In the separate Vendor Menu in Odoo, Amiviz can look up vendor quotes and respond to them, as well as change their status. Brainvire's collaboration platform managed the communication smoothly.

Vendors can use the same tracking flexibility.

RFQs are an excellent technique for company owners to keep track of their purchase orders. Vendors can track the status of their sent RfOs from their portal, send RfQs to the Odoo admin, and check the response from the admin to sent RfQs (Approved, Pending, Denied, and Checked).

Brainvire-Odoo Implementation

The Brainvire team used Odoo to create a bifurcated dashboard based on reseller user roles, such as sales representative, stock manager, marketer, and accountant. We programmed the backend of Odoo to show reseller-specific information on the reseller's portal depending on their contract with the client.

Brainvire Odoo experts created logic. The incentive for reseller sales reps, and commission for salespeople, can be tracked separately in Odoo, via a separate logic.

Brainvire designed an efficient and transparent communication system that allowed all parties to interact successfully. In addition, we created a “genuine-only” vendor portal, where they can view all current opportunities for goods and purchase orders for vendors. Therefore, Brainvire’s Odoo ERP development service expertise will play an essential part in assisting the company's smooth advancement to Odoo.

About Brainvire Infotech Inc.

Brainvire Infotech is a prominent Odoo Gold Partner, having executed Odoo implementations in jewelry, manufacturing, retail, transportation, automotive, and real estate. 

Thanks to a strong workforce of in-house experts, Brainvire's growth strategy has effectively expedited project deployment for over two decades. Brainvire provides complete migration, customized core Odoo modules, retail omnichannel ERP solutions, industry-specific solutions, gap analysis (and consultation), 3rd-app integration, quality assurance, deployment & rollout services.

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