Amnesty International Italy: Increasing Efficiency to Help More People

Country: Italy 
Implementing Partner: Metadonors Srl
Main Apps Implemented: Donodoo (4 Custom Apps: Fundraising, Membership, Subscriptions, Face2Face), CRM, Accounting, Project, Dashboard
Company Size: 51 Employees ​ 
Number of Odoo Users:
23 Users


Since 1961, Amnesty International has been working towards the goal of restoring freedom and dignity and in doing so, has helped over 50,000 people, saving 3 lives per day. The Italian Section, is an independent entity with almost 70,000 members and supporters. They have the task of coordinating the work of Amnesty members and supporters within the country, as well as raising awareness, campaigning, fundraising, and taking care of human rights education and lobbying institutions.

The daily battle for the rights of all and mobilizing millions of people with campaigns, not only requires a collective effort but solid organization and a smooth workflow. When Amnesty International Italy started they had in place a simple solution, which at the time worked for them. However, after 17 prosperous years and continuous growth, their solution was no longer in line with the organization’s needs and was not able to handle its tremendous growth. This combined with a rapidly changing market and complexity within the organization, was affecting the workflow. The old system was based on outdated fundraising concepts, with total lack of features such as, automation for repetitive tasks and a connection, integration, with the other areas of the organization. They were in need of a more modern and powerful solution that would allow them to transform their process to a donor centered journey.

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In Search of the Best Solution for Non-Profit Companies

Upon this realization in 2017, the Italian entity conducted a careful analysis of possible alternative tools and solutions. Among the various solutions they considered Salesforce as an option, but in the end it didn’t seem to suit their needs for three fundamental reasons:

  • It did not offer an Italian version dedicated to non-profit or specialized organization in the Italian market,
  • Donation: keeping the details of all donations;
  • Campaign: is the most complex module, allowing for the creation of campaigns, lists and independent segments used for fundraising activities, tracing all processes directed to the contacts (outgoing work) or that of the contacts directed to the organization (incoming work through any external touch point).
  • Face2Face (F2F): all the information related to the F2F acquisition activities and the management of clawback activities related to the external collaborating agencies.   
  • Cash Flow: allows easy management of direct debit donations, to insert one-time donations, and to monitor the status of bank transactions. ​

Each model is equipped with a quick query system, which allows for analysis, pivot tables and graphs that can easily be shared between colleagues. Furthermore, with the clear and linear structure, Donodoo can easily be integrated with an external business intelligence tool, which they use to carry out in-depth and detailed analysis made by the internal data analysis team.

How Amnesty International's Needs Were Answered

The customized system from Metadonors, Donodoo, is composed of 4 different applications: Fundraising, Association, Cashflow and Face2Face. In addition to these apps, Amnesty International Italy also uses the standard Odoo apps, CRM, Calendar, Project and Dashboard, allowing them to share information within the organization very easily. With this combination of apps the entire organization can take advantage of the donor data to build communication strategies based on a “donor centered” approach. Furthermore, with the current system they use they can associate a precise workflow to the data acquired, based on the origin (or other parameters). This kind of system greatly increases the quality of the data traced within the database, while also standardizing the data collection phase on all the donor journey touchpoints.

With the use of Odoo as a platform, they were able to sync the work of the entire organization, to have full access to the data on which to build the campaign communication and to develop integrations and connectors that allow the staff to add information to the database independently.

​But fundraising goes further than data management and money. It’s about managing relationships and thanks to an efficient system Amnesty International Italy can manage them as best as possible.

"Fundraising is not a matter of money, it's a matter of relationships. To Improve the relationship with our donors, we need faster processes, greater efficiency, and a Donor centered marketing approach. Donodoo meets all these needs, and the Odoo ecosystem gives us the right empowerment to evolve our business needs."

Laura Perrotta, Head of Fundraising 


The Three Most Important Selling Points

Direct data access: autonomously managing donation flows (dialogue with banks) has led to a direct increase in income. The management of the relationship with the donor, in close connection with information on campaigns & donations, allows flexibility and timeliness of action.

Data quality in the supply chain: Donodoo helped them make the data easily accessible and editable. The same interface allows them to "look the donor in the eye" getting all the details they need and to navigate the information following the same workflow that they apply to every other activity. ​

ERP based system: collecting data from different sources in a single system, relate them, increase coherence, extend and scale potentially to all areas (modularity). ​

A Positive Evolution Thanks to Odoo

​​Income from individual giving increased by 17,6% compared to the previous year. Number of donors increased by 8%. And Odoo was a key element to this success by improving the global management of donors that led to an average increase in donors’ annual giving. Reactivation of lapsed donors increased by 15% compared to the previous year, thanks to an accurate segmentation of targets and to an enhanced effectiveness of campaigns.

Their expectation is to extend benefits on a multiyear perspective, improving donors' lifetime value due to donor centric, data driven communication cycles. 

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About Amnesty International Italy

Amnesty International is a global movement of more than 7 million people in over 150 countries and territories who campaign to end human rights abuses. Our goal is to inspire people to take injustice personally. 

The Italian Section of Amnesty International is an independent entity that works on the same international mission and goals. We fundraise to secure funds for the entire movement mostly through donations from members and individual supporters.

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