Odoo 9 New Design- The rationales behind it

Public Channel / Odoo Experience 2015

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31. Go and test it on the v9 alpha stand!

4. Odoo v8

9. v1

10. v1.1

11. v1.2

12. v1.3

13. v1.4

14. Current version

5. So, before long, we decided to follow the principles of Google Material Design for its many advantages.

8. The design of the new interface was a lengthy process, for which we put a lot of thoughts and worked on many different iterations:

3. During the development of v9, we felt it was necessary to completely review the user interface. Being almost 2 years old, it wasn’t up to modern standards anymore, and suffered usability issues due to the addition of the many v8 features.

1. Odoo 9 New Design: The rationales behind it Lionel ELSEN - UX Expert Odoo S.A.

19. WHERE’S MY LEFT MENU? In v8, the left menu is emblematic, and is the main access to all the features. But it is also very crowded. And most of the time, users only need to access a few items of the menu.

2. SUMMARY 1 2 3 Context Evolution Key Improvements 4 Details Matter

7. SUMMARY 1 2 3 Context Evolution Key Improvements 4 Details Matter

15. SUMMARY 1 2 3 Context Evolution Key Improvements 4 Details Matter

26. SUMMARY 1 2 3 Context Evolution Key Improvements 4 Details Matter

23. Odoo 9 New Design What are the benefits? Mobile responsive and optimized The new Odoo 9 design is not only fully responsive, it’s also optimized for use on Mobile phone. For example, we developed specific code to hide empty fields in form views to gain space when on a Mobile. IMPROVEMENT #5

25. Odoo 9 New Design What are the benefits? Super fast loading, no more flickering We did not only improve the interface, we also completely refactored the HTML/CSS. ● Loading times have been greatly reduced ● Flickering/building effects when switching views have been eliminated IMPROVEMENT #7 Comparison of DOM tree depth between Odoo 8 and Odoo 9

20. Odoo 9 New Design What are the benefits? Dashboards to access top features The Dashboards concept is simple: presenting to the users most of the information they need within a single view, with the addition of a contextual call to action toward the main features. Now, users don’t have to scroll through a huge menu to find the few functions they use regularly. IMPROVEMENT #2 In v9, Dashboards give an immediate access to the top features.

32. Thank You! Odoo sales@odoo.com +32 (0) 2 290 34 90 www.odoo.com R&D and Services office Chaussée de Namur 40 B - 1367 Grand Rosière Belgium Sales office Avenue Van Nieuwenhuyse 5 B - 1160 Brussels Belgium

18. Apps by Core Business The previous Apps classification by department could be confusing and disorienting for the users. Example: if your are a non - profit organization with no Marketing department, it’s strange to manage your Events in a Marketing app. The new logic by Core Business will make access to Apps much easier. IMPROVEMENT #1 In v9, each App has its own place and icon.

21. Odoo 9 New Design What are the benefits? More space and readability By moving the menus on the top bar, we were able to increase the size and readability of many UI elements: Card views (products, customers...) Kanban views (tasks, opportunities...) List views (journal entries, transfers...) IMPROVEMENT #3 In v9, all views have had their readability increased.

22. Odoo 9 New Design What are the benefits? Integrated Reporting and Configuration Putting Reports and Configuration back into each App has many advantages: ● Shorter and clearer menus ● 1 - click access (no intermediate screen) ● No more switching between Apps IMPROVEMENT #4 Reports and Configuration are integrated inside each App.

6. it’s simple The single menu approach and the use of deliberate empty spaces will help unclutter Odoo’s interface. it’s efficient The emphasis on main actions will make core functionality immediately apparent. it’s multi - devices We’ll be able to unify the user experience across all platforms and devices (and front - end / back - end!) it’s strong - branded The deliberate and bold color choices will immerse the user in Odoo’s ecosytem. it’s eye - pleasing The combination of typography, effects and images creates simple yet beautiful interfaces. BUT WHY MATERIAL DESIGN?

16. LET’S PLAY A GAME In v8, where would you click for: ● Events ● Livechat ● Expenses ● Blogs ● Forum ➔ in Marketing ➔ in Messaging ➔ in Human Resources ➔ in Knowledge ➔ in Messaging

24. Odoo 9 New Design What are the benefits? Unified back - end / front - end In v8, users were often switched to back - end or front end with no warning, when clicking on an Edit button for example. In v9, front - end and back - end are completely integrated for a seamless user experience. IMPROVEMENT #6 You can now use the front - end HTML editor in back - end.

17. ➔ Events ➔ ? ➔ ? ➔ ? ➔ ? ➔ ? ➔ Events ➔ Mailing Lists ➔ Mass Mailing ➔ Campaigns ➔ Surveys ➔ Certifications ANOTHER GAME! What’s in the v8 Marketing app? ?


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