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Re: Testing GUI with automation tools

- 2014年12月22日 18时41分05秒
On 19/12/14 22:58, Andreas Stauder wrote:
> Hi Justin
> We have a tool based on SeleniumBuilder
> ( to record test cases directly
> in the browser.
Thanks, Andreas. I've been using the Selenium IDE in Firefox, which is a
similar concept.

When you say "based on" I assume you mean you've made some custom
extensions? Because the base se-builder seems to have the same problem
all the other macro/selenium recorders have: the fields have generated
ids, and se-builder can't run recorded scripts without them being modified.

If so, that doesn't really help me solve my problem, because I don't
have your tool.

Let's imagine I'm not using a GUI recorder and am writing test cases in
Python that will run using a Selenium browser driver. How would I locate
these input fields then?

Justin Warren <>