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Re: Testing GUI with automation tools

Andreas Stauder
- 2014年12月18日 03时09分36秒
Hi Justin

We have a tool based on SeleniumBuilder ( to record test cases directly in the browser.

A recorded sale order loos like that

*** Test Cases ***
Valid Login
        Login           admin   admin    demodatabase

Main Menu
        MainMenu        75
        Capture Page Screenshot
        SubMenu         327
        Capture Page Screenshot

        ChangeView      graph
        Capture Page Screenshot
        ChangeView      list
        Capture Page Screenshot

        Button          oe_form_button_create
        Capture Page Screenshot
        Many2OneSelect  sale.order      partner_id      Agrolait, Thomas Passot
        Date            sale.order      date_order      07/30/2013
        Char            sale.order      client_order_ref        Hallo World

        Button          oe_form_button_edit
        NewOne2Many     sale.order    order_line
        Capture Page Screenshot

        Many2OneSelect  sale.order.line    product_id    Flugticket
        Char    sale.order.line    product_uom_qty    15
        Char    sale.order.line    price_unit    213
        Button          oe_form_button_save_and_close

All the commands that are indented are recorded in the browser by SeleniumBuilder. You start the SeleniumBuilder, create the sale order as usual. The other lines (like Create, AddOne2Many) are added manually to structure the test case.

We can play back this automatically in Selenium. To map the test case to HTML we use the Robotframework.

I can record a video bit not before end of January if you are interested.


2014-12-18 0:33 GMT+01:00 Justin Warren <>:
Hi folks,

I'm trying to automate some user testing via the GUI using macro
recording and then parameterising the script.

The tools are having trouble filling in forms because the field IDs are
not static; they seem to be auto-generated at runtime.

The underlying XML form definitions have an ID, but it's not appearing
in the rendered HTML.

How can I programmatically find a given field in a form? Do I need to do
something like XPATH for "the second text input field" or can I refer to
the specific field I want by its ID somehow.

Not that this is the case for both built in forms and for custom module
forms. It seems to be the way the HTML renderer works, for some reason.

Justin Warren <>

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