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Re: Active (product_product) field show unchecked

Camptocamp France SAS, Alexandre Fayolle - Camptocamp
- 2014年12月18日 02时27分09秒
On 17/12/2014 16:44, Kumar, Sanjeev wrote:
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Hello all,

I have used active field of model product.product in a form view. I found Check-box always shows unchecked, irrespective value is true /  false Its unchecked.

here's how I used 'active' field in my inherited view:

 <page  string="Information" position="inside">
                    <group string="General information">
                        <label for="active"/>
                        <field name="active"  /> 
                        </div> .....

However when I use other boolean fields, It doesn't have any problem. What could be reason it showing inactive?

Are you sure the active field is not featured twice in your form view?

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