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Odoo Experience 2016, Oct 5-7.

Charline Louis (clo)
- 2016年07月14日 04时01分18秒
Dear Teachers,

Like every year, we organize our main event, the Odoo Experience! This event is THE event of the year for Odoo. It will take place in Belgium on October 5, 6 and 7th. This event is opened to anyone related to Odoo: partners, users, clients, potential clients, etc.
During these three days, there will be: 2000+ attendees, 150 free talks about new features and community modules, dozens of workshops, advanced training sessions, and evening parties. The event is free!

Last year, we scheduled a talk for teachers. Fabienne, has been teaching accounting with the help of Odoo for few years. She came last year to present her course and how she uses Odoo with the students.
This conference was quite a success and we'd like to do it again! This is why I'm contacting you!

We would like to invite teachers and their students to come and discover our great event, by following the Discovery tracks (very practical conferences about details topics for each module) AND also to invite YOU, the professionals of Odoo in Education, to showcase your experience and expertise with the software in in the Education world!
It will show to other teachers what is done with Odoo and give some ideas for their own courses. The presentation should last 20 minutes, you can simply explain how you came up with the idea of using Odoo. What is your use of Odoo in your course, how the students reacted on working with a tool like Odoo, etc.

The organization around this Education afternoon is still under thought and will evolve over the weeks, but we are already actively looking for teachers motivated and willing to make a small presentation. The presentation would be given in English in front of a room of +/- 50 persons.

To submit a talk, you can directly fill-in the  form on https://www.odoo.com/event/420/track_proposal

I'm looking forward to have your thoughts and answers about this, or see your talks submitted :)
We can have a talk, let me know when you're available, I'll call you!

Have a nice day,
Charline Louis
Marketing Officer, Odoo (Formerly OpenERP)

Phone +32 (0)2 290 34 92
Web: https://www.odoo.com