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OpusVL, Nuria Arranz-Velazquez
- 2015年12月10日 07时45分11秒
Hi Jacquelin,

The best way of reducing duplicates is to make an import file, clean of duplicates, and import it.

Once that is done, you can modify existing products without the risk of duplicating them. You can do that in bulk, using the import facilities again, or manually by searching for the product.

To modify in bulk, I would suggest you do an export of all the products you want to modify. You modify the sheet you have exported, and then re-import it. The reason for that is that every product has a unique identifier that will systematically come up as the first column in any export you do in Odoo. That reduces chances for duplications.

Adding fields to any object you do by modifying or adding to the respective view. I would suggest that you create a new view that inherits the original one, so that you don't do modifications that are irreversible.

The only issue is that when you create a new view you do not have an xml_id, which is the unique identifier you will need for applying the view. But don't worry because there is a work around, two actually: You either manually go into the backend file and add it there (I don't recommend you to do that if you are not a developer), or (easy one) export this new view. On export, Odoo will automatically give the new view the unique identifier as it would do with an export of products.

I hope this makes sense,

On 10/12/2015 12:04, Jacquelin intc wrote:
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This mail is not personal but professional mail

I need a help for their question

-How to add fields for purchase?

-How to manage the risk of duplicates products?


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