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Numa Extreme Systems, Gustavo Marino
- 2014年12月24日 08时46分29秒
The link you published leads you to a generic page.
Could you update it to the set of videos?

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2014-12-24 5:42 GMT-03:00 Ana Juaristi <>:

Yes. I think it can be done with odoomrp features.
We included the product configurator in sales and production using variants and the concept of "Inherit from father" and "custom value" so it's possible configuring a window with different options fixing custom requirements from sales to manufacturing.
I'm just now uploading several videos showing different demos about odoomrp funtionality to our new youtube channel.
Sorry, they are in spanish. Please take a look

El 24/12/2014 08:47, "Davide Corio" <> escribió:
On 24/12/14 08:32, Aivar Hanniotti wrote:
> Hei.
> We are starting to integrate odoo v8 in our production company. Sales,
> Warehouse and purchace systems i know how is needed to fix for our
> company needs. But manufacturing system is still a bit of puzzle to me.
> We produce wood and metal partition walls and different types of doors
> for apartments offices. Production is similar to window produsers and
> furniture companies

Doors/Windows manufacturing process is one of the most complex due to 
the fact that you have to optimize the use of raw material. Aluminum 
bars for instance. The amount of that bar you're going to use to produce 
that windows is usually computed by CAD softwares. Sometimes on-the-fly.
You don't just create a BoM for a door/window.

I don't think Odoo is ready for this, but i still have to delve into 
these modules:

Davide Corio

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