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Re: HR-Module in Germany

Houssine BAKKALI
- 2017年05月18日 06时44分09秒
Hi Bruno, 

For point 2, more than one year ago we've asked by a client to build an intranet for their company... After looking about what they need, what are the basics for a intranet(DMS, etc) and what Odoo Community Version out of the bow. Odoo wasn't the good CMS to build on for the budget they have.

Maybe progress have been made on this from then but I doubt.


2017-05-04 23:05 GMT+02:00 Bruno Gomes <>:
Dear Odoo community.

We (bloopark GmbH) are starting to set up the HR-Module for a German company. We already integrate several other modules such as Sales, Purchase, Accounting and so on.

We are struggling in 2 points:

1. Odoo module
We are wondering if someone has already customised employee tax parameters, salary structure and monthly payslip template for the German market. So far we could not find any code or module which could help us.
Any direction is highly appreciated.

2. Intranet
Did someone already integrated intranet in Odoo? 
It is still an open topic, but the client asked what Odoo could offer related to Intranet.
Did someone already integrated another software which supports functionality of an intranet or did someone developed a module related to that?

Greetings from Magdeburg.
Bruno Gomes

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