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Re: Is it possible to create a mass mailing in Odoo from HTML?

Olivier Dony (odo)
- 2017年06月13日 06时26分34秒
On 6/13/17 11:45 AM, Rafael Blasco wrote:
> Once you have HTML code for a mass mailing, is it possible to convert it to use
> is in Odoo Mass Mailing as Mailchimp or similar make?

Do you mean if copy/pasting the rendered result does not work as you'd like?
You could simply switch to HTML source mode and paste the code there. The icon
appears in the editor toolbar in dev/debug mode.
See also this comment:

You should still edit the final result, though, at least to re-insert the
special unsubscribe link that the system will replace dynamically when sending ;-)