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Re: Forum hackers

Stephen Mack
- 2014年10月21日 14时52分57秒
post a link to your profile or a recent question for an upvote from me to get you over the 20 karma mark.

On Tue, Oct 21, 2014 at 3:47 PM, Alejandro Perez <> wrote:
Hello, I have exactly 20 points earned before this new restriction, but 
I'm not able to post any question in the forum..
Is this a bug? or I just need to wait you finish the development for this?


On 21/10/14 12:57, Olivier Dony wrote:
> On 10/20/2014 08:57 PM, Stephen Mack wrote:
> > The forums have degraded to the point that people who can delete spammers have
> > given up.  I don't enter the forums because they are not usable.
> >
> > Maybe there needs to be some forum moderators with some big button powers to
> > shut down a spammer and delete all their posts.
> The situation has indeed gotten much worse these last days, so here are the
> things we have done to limit the spam level at this point:
> - Mass-delete the spam posts and the corresponding users via an automated
> procedure. Probably did not catch 100% but a good share of the spam.
> - Fixed the karma system so karma levels are checked also when posting new
> questions, answers and comments (previously if was not checked so users with
> negative karma were still able to post). This will enable users and moderators
> to permanently block a spammer by lowering him to a negative karma.
> - Changed the karma levels:
>     + a karma of 20 is now required to be able to post or answer a question (yes
> obviously this is a problem for new users, we will lower this later - see below)
>     + removed the karma bonus given by posting questions/answers (you should
> only get bonus if someone else upvotes your posts)
> - Work-in-progress: we are adding an optional email validation step on the
> forum - if you just signed up and have 0 karma you would get a notice on the
> forum index: you can validate your email and get some karma - just enough to be
> able to post your first question.
> We hope to finish the deployment and fix the karma levels accordingly in the
> coming days.
> Thanks,
> Olivier
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