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AW: Accounting Roadmap V9

- 2014年10月11日 02时12分50秒

My opinion on CoA Hierarchy:


Current situation


·         I use and recommend both Consolidated and View Accounts for my customers and myself to have an overview and structure for all the accounts.

·         I even use hierarchy heavily on analytical and tax accounts




·         Yes, they should NOT be removed which is obviously not the intention by the next release.

·         I don’t care if they will be optional in the future as long it will be still possible and supported to have the plain/simple CoA hierarchy view like we have it even for analytical accounts and taxes which is a thing people rely on at the moment and is a plus compared to flat CoA which is in the minds of some accountants b/c they only need two counterparts to post a valid move and maybe don’t care how the structural position of these are.


·         I agree to have an even more user-friendly way to organize and set up all kind of accounts in MULTIPLE HIERARCHIES (to have the freedom in reports and computation) which I guess is the intention of OpenERP SA, BUT you need to get it really awesome, flexible and right! ;-)


·         Based on the outcome of this improvement I might be ready to use the new approach to shift sooner or later my customizations…

·         BUT I would AT LEAST EXPECT that the current functionality of CoA is still working for “Version 10” (two major release cycles) and even further b/c it does not interfere anything and has no functionality except the possibility to create a hierarchy of directly dependent accounts and use the “child of functionality” which is a MUST HAVE on a base level (this should be possible with multiple hierarchies as well by choosing the hierarchy and get the magic and CORRECT result by the framework).



Improve it, make it even more flexible and simpler, but do not force the use of the new concept, even if it is awesome, too early otherwise the community, partners and customers will be fed up and yes, all existing localizations/implementations do depend on this, so be careful and take care that ALL integrators will understand the new hopefully even more awesome concept which is still WIP.


May the force be with you ;-)


Best regards,



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Gesendet: Freitag, 10. Oktober 2014 19:44
An: Community
Betreff: Re: Accounting Roadmap V9



> The idea is clear to transform the accounting of Odoo in something

> usable for small companies only. The direction is "take all the complex

> functionality and throw it away".


I repeat myself: this is absolutely not our intention.


We want to keep complex/advanced feature but make them simple to use

(without reducing the feature).


I named Xero as an example of usability to follow. We don't plan to do a

copy of Xero. We have a lot of things to learn from them.


And, please excuse if the document is not complete; this is just the

first iteration; very draft.