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Re: need help about odoo 10

meng xiao lin
- 2017年11月27日 23时53分25秒

Aman ulla:
     I remember I ran into the same problem as you did, I tried a lot of things, I am not sure what I did eventually resolve the problem, but you can try these:
     1. try to install or reinstall all packages related to npm and less
     2. restart the server or just odoo service
     3. try a different browser
     4. delete all database via pgadmin ( you need to stop odoo serive before you can delete odoo database)
hopefully, you will be able to identify where exactly is the problem and share with us.

best wishes!

Ouyes Meng

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Date:  Tue, Nov 28, 2017 08:20 AM
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Subject:  Re: need help about odoo 10
hi Aman,

you need to narrow down:

- Can it be the database ? (is it a blank database, or (badly) reloaded --> try with a new database, or download the database and reload locally

- Is there a problem with the odoo install --> check the log file


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On 27 November 2017 at 18:55, Aman ulla <> wrote:
hi folks,

Good Day.

We request your answer to resolve our server issue.

after installing odoo 10 in our ubuntu server 16.04,
it's showing blank screen after db login.

i saw this thread,but, there is no answer for ubuntu platfrom .

so, kindly reply a solution to resolve this issue.

thanks in advance.


inspireaman. :)

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