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Lost POS Orders - Same receipt reference generated

Alien Group Lda, Aires Silvestre
- 2017年11月24日 03时50分44秒

Hello community

We've been struggling for more than a year with a severe issue in Odoo POS, sometimes somehow, the same receipt reference is generated and this leads the POS to print the ticket with that reference but that order is not saved in the database (because there's already another one with that reference) and this happens in a silently way, no warning, no error and no log of that actually happened.

Just writing to the mailing list because It is a well known issue over github issues with different issues of the same kind recorded (no matter the version) and it stills open with no official solution from Odoo, even over last Odoo XP we talked to the one from Odoo that was showing the Odoo POS solution, with no result. We realized this happens when the same user login in same pos session in different browsers (or even tabs). Check there's even people posting third part workarounds ( but no official solution from Odoo, yes from time to time we update the pos with the last nightly build but it happened again a couple days ago. It seems the JS function "generate_unique_id" is models.js does not every single time returns a "unique" id...

This is severe and leads to many problems such:

  • The sale is lost forever because don't get saved, balance from Odoo won't match with the real balance from physic cash-drawer + electronic payments (you got the money but didn't go to the system) and later on your stock didn't decrease (goods left the shop with no stock decrease)
  • If the shop doesn't keep a copy of receipt just won't understand a thing. Furthermore if customer returns for a refund or change goods will show the printed ticket  and the shop will almost swear that ticket is false/fake because it is not in the system (but yes, got printed in the shop)
  • This can lead to fraud issues (think by yourself)
Can any one from community share same experience? If so has solved if somehow? Any workaround proved to work?

From Odoo, we kindly ask to address this subject and give a solution, for good. As Odoo partner, it's very embarrassing to say to customers you don't have a solution.

Kind regards
Aires Silvestre