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Block Mail Domain in Marketing Module

Aya Elshafei
- 2017年11月20日 08时15分54秒
Hi community

Any one could help in blocking domain issue in Marketing domain 
as i have tried the solution in the below link "using mandrill integration"

But mandrill send me the following:
"Per our Terms of Use, it is a violation of our Acceptable Use Policy to send bulk email through Mandrill.

Unfortunately the risk associated with the account is too great for us to support sending. Noting this, we do have to ask that a new vendor be found for your email delivery needs.

Please note that this is not an issue of legitimacy in regards to your business, however as a bulk delivery service, we must protect the deliverability of all of our customers."

So any one could help in such issue 
And why marketing module is excites although it is not able to use the same technique as in Mail Campaign tools