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Re: Back-dated Inventory Adjustments

Credbox Solutions, Aasim Ahmed Ansari
- 2017年04月27日 04时22分23秒
But this is not a practical solution.
For v8 there is a module called stock_move_backdating. For v9 and v10, I don't know if there is any such module available.



Aasim Ahmed Ansari

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On Thu, Apr 27, 2017 at 12:50 PM, Jesse Morgan <> wrote:
I found a workaround (or hack) to this issue.
It's a bit outside the square - but it works:

1) Make sure everyone is logged out of the system
2) Change the date on the server back to 31/03/2017
3) Create a stock move to fill all the counted stock quants from virtual/inventory loss to stock
4) Validate
5) Change clock back to now

Does exactly what I want. Anyone see any issues?

On 27 April 2017 at 14:21, Jesse Morgan <> wrote:
Hi there,

We started using Odoo at the beginning of April.
When we started, we made the decision to start with no stock levels loaded; allowing the point of sale module to sell stock into negatives.

The reasoning for this is that the previous system before Odoo was much more manual, and needed to be manually updated with sales records before being closed off, to get the final closing stock to import into Odoo.

We now have the closing stock levels as at March 31st, and I am trying to get them loaded into Odoo.

What I was hoping was that I could do a back-dated inventory adjustment, and date it at March 31.
So if we had qty 10 of a product in stock as at March 31, but we had sold 5 in Odoo during April, - before the inventory adjustment the quantity in Odoo would be -5; but after the adjustment it would be +5

However looking at the code for stock.inventory, it does not seem that any date checks are done at all when looking at quants in the system.

I know you can override the accounting date for a stock adjustment - but you can't override the inventory date.
If I modify the inventory date in the database (as a test), it is effectively ignored; with any created stock moves still having the current date, and including 'minusing out' the CURRENT stock on hand (negative), before adding in the stock on hand as at March 31; effectively nullifying April's moves.

Does anyone else have experience with this situation?

The only thing I can think to do is manually subtract any goods sold in April from the March closing stock using Excel, then do that as an adjusment dated at current date.

Any input much appreciated.


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