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Re: Odoo vs Apache OFBiz?

Andi Becker
- 2016年07月11日 02时46分01秒
Hi Robert

What we need is still not existing as either they are depending on ODOO S.A. as Partners or they are busy with other things too but addicted to really the Open Source Spirit.

Great examples what could be are actually there. 
Have a look to Wordpress and how their Multisites get managed and what the "spirit" is behind all of that. ;-) This could be the function of OCA, but I guess that they are simply much to busy to get all those bugs fixed and sites upgraded to a higher version as with every Version change Odoo is causing a lot of headache for content owners and they are not sure if the site will work afterwards or needs more serious fixing.

Continuous development is not in place like it could be.

Dominique just named one main problem. "They DEPEND on Odoo"

And this is actually a worst case scenario for an Open Source Project as a Dependence is just the opposite of Freedom.
We could say caught in the ODOO S.A. Prison you are free to do what you want ;-) State in a State.

So the solution would be to make ODOO free again from those dependencies. This is only possible if people would join. But as you read over and over there is another problem. Many of those here on the list are business man and no developers at all. So they probably can't even imagine what Freedom means.

Odoo 10 will come and for sure afterwards 11 will come as ODOO S.A. will keep everything on Python 2 as long as possible. They know exactly the crazy workload behind a progressive move to Python 3. In other words customers would do good to either stay with Odoo 8 - which is the last really fully functional Version of Odoo Community, or Try Odoo 9. Odoo 10 and 11 won't get much support as people will still be busy in fixing the bugs of Odoo 9. In other words it would be actually a great point to build up an Odoo Community Branch with his OWN Roadmap. I am pretty sure that many developers would join such a project. 

Take for example how many repositories are existing with same or with different modules of Odoo. It is a complete chaos with absolute no overview.

The community could get much much stronger if there would be one place where people could post their modules.

Naming conventions for those modules would help to find them much easier.

Beside that it would get possible to easily see what modules have been updated in their repositories and which one could be updated in existing sites.

All Open Source Projects i.e. WordPress / Drupal / Typo3 etc have a Main repository, which is very easy to search.

It would also be much easier to contribute to such a "single module" repository. When it is easier to contribute people would also contribute more often instead of getting their own versions up and running.

As long as the community or the people in the community think that they depend on Odoo S.A. they are simply blocking progress. Lots of companies here in the community are actually great contributors to stuff OdOO S.A. simply does not have. Here lies the real power of the community.

If you strip down the core of Odoo which might be still a dependency - but the community would start using THEIR power to build a strong community version, for sure the website_builder module would have already the CSS_Editor integrated and many other features, all those problems with rewriting links would be problems of yesterday and SEO Marketing - real multilingual marketing would feel like a breeze.

MRP Module would be another example as now 2 seem to be existing. Let's take the work effort of the community  MRP Module in and show that it is better than and much more usable than the one of ODOO S.A.

Let ideas of the Community get into the Community Version instead of trying to make the closed Enterprise of ODOO S.A. to an imperium of Untouchables who ask the Community only if they want to have some nice clicks, reviews or surveys which promotes Enterprise ONLY.

As long as people in the community think they "depend" on Odoo S.A. roadmap there won't be much progress which helps actually the community. The community itself will always like in the past be the last getting informed and has than the job to clean up to not loose their customers. Nice concept keeping them busy all the time, but robbing a lot of manpower which could actually be used to make Odoo Community much stronger.

1. Make an election which elects a leading team (without Odoo S.A.)
2. Store modules as one module per repository and adjust the namings - following the Community convention of Odoo Modules (needs to be created)
3. get a nice and useful search up and running i.e. integrate and enhance the one of odoo-code-search
4. Make community surveys so you know what is needed in the community versions and where people would like or would be able to contribute for the community version
5. Build an own Odoo Community Roadmap
6. Start building it

Odoo will sooner or later follow the Community and as the Community will follow more and more the community version development as only here they can really freely contribute.

Starting steps could be to integrate all changes Yelizariev has done already concerning debranding and better permissions and access right and lots of other nice stuff which actually makes the community Version THE Version of Odoo.

Continue with all the SEO stuff of blooparksystems but perhaps even get them the lead to make changes in the website Module itself so that all those current restrictions which hinder to bring in nice and userfriendly SEO and URLs to Odoo.

Build on 8 and 9 and don't concentrate anymore on 10 and 11 and Odoo Community 10 would be much better than that as it could keep the compatibility and make updates easier, so that people don't have to worry anymore when a new Odoo version gets published.

Let Odoo S.A. follow the community and show them where the red line is which they should follow if they don't want to loose the power of a community! Let the odoo Community Version and Community behind it stand on their own 2 feets. Free them from Odoo S.A. dependencies.

On Sun, Jul 10, 2016 at 8:27 AM, Slim BHIRI - سليم البحيري <> wrote:

Thank you Dominique,

On Jul 9 2016, at 9:07 am, Dominique Chabord <> wrote:

2016-07-09 8:26 GMT+02:00 Slim BHIRI - سليم البحيري <>:

Hello All,

I think that the community version should have a lead entity, a clearer/organised workflow to let us contributing. What do you think ?
​Odoo-Community is not managed by a community. It is the core of Odoo-Enter​prise, published under an free license by Odoo.
The community around Odoo, in particular OCA, did not make the decision to fork it and diverge. OCB is a set of custom modules on a stabilized version of Odoo-Community instead. Therefore roadmap of Odoo-Community mainly depends on Odoo's will.

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