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Re: Record Rules Help - V7

- 2015年12月09日 03时32分32秒
Dear Naran,

You should create a rule to allow only sale orders (or quotations) become visible to login users (or Salesperson field on the form) who belong to a 'Sales / See Own Leads' group, is it what you meant?


On 09 ديس, 2015 ص 01:20, Naran M wrote:
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Hello Community,

I am looking for a small technical assistance to get around this record rule issue, I was trying to filter the Customers based existing sales group "see own leads" . This should show only partners which were assigned to them.

We created a record rule on res.partner object with (create, write, read, delete) rights, following domain and give a Sales / User: Own Leads Only group to the record rule


When I try to open a partner in form view, I end up with below error

Access Denied The requested operation cannot be completed due to security restrictions. Please contact your system administrator. (Document type: Partner, Operation: read)


Any suggestions please..?


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