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Upgrade Training in San Francisco: 1 Week Left

Fabien Pinckaers (fp)
- 2015年09月28日 14时34分41秒
Dear community,

Just a small reminder for the free upgrade training in San Francisco next week. (2 days, monday and tuesday):

We already have 184 attendees registered. We have a maximum of 250 seats.

As said earlier, I highly recommend partners to attend this training. It's really worth traveling to the U.S. for these two days as they are lots of new features that are complex to discover on your own. It's an intensive 2-days training where we will show you all the advanced features of version 9 into the details.

Please do not register if you don't plan to attend as we have to order lunch and drinks. The training is organized by Fabien (me) and Fabrice (Director of Odoo U.S.)

If you can not attend this training session, we are organizing the same training in india (it was sold out, but we just increased the room capacity):

If you can not attend these training sessions, you can follow our webinars. These are only two hours-long introduction to the new features, but it's better than nothing:

Hope to meet you in San Francisco,