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continuously variable variants

Libertus Solutions, Alan Bell
- 2015年04月30日 12时55分10秒
Hi All,

we have had a couple of situations where we were looking at odoo to 
manage products that are purchased by several dimensions, imagine a 
picture or a window, it has an x and y measurement, we might measure the 
width as 128cm and height as 93cm and we want to sell one with those 
dimensions. I can't use variants for this because these are not discrete 
options, and if I did for example put in 100 options for x and 100 
options for y that would create 10,000 products, which is a bit excessive.
It might be possible to restrict the variants to just pricing bands, so 
maybe each 10cm increment has a cost implication, but the exact 
measurements would still need to be recorded on the sales order and 
passed through to manufacturing.
Has anyone solved this kind of problem before or has a pointer to a 
different approach?