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Why Open Object Framework?

Mohamed Magdy
- 2015年04月19日 22时28分43秒
Hi All,

We all as Odoo Developers use its Framework (Open Object Framework, OOF). we all also know how it has some issues like stability, security system, debugging  system and more ....
I noticed that almost all ERP system has its own Framework.

So, I was wondering why did not they use an existing framework (Ruby on Rails, Django .....) which already has a good community support. I worked with Django for a while, it was great in describe the error when use the debugging mode. All of these web frameworks has its own security system which can be customized if needed. 

I was wondering, what if Odoo started with Django? it will get more developers and huge community support once it is published for the first time.

An IDE like PyCharm Support Django, but it does not support OOF. (I tried to talk to PyCharm team to support OOF, but they told me they have other priorities). That's why I did a simple try to make Odoo Development easier by providing Odoo-PyCharm-Templates, but it supports only auto-complete for a little portion of the OOF (find a video).

Best Regards,

Mohamed Magdy
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