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Re: FW: How to Restrict Warehouse for User ?

Ferdinand Gassauer
- 2015年04月01日 10时53分18秒
On 2015-04-01 14:10, Emad Gamal Naguib wrote:
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Thanks a lot I have installed the below module it’ seem good , but I cant write any paython code on condition ,

Could you help me to write condition to restrict user for specific storage location 

I am sorry, I missread your request,
to limit access you have to implement standard "record rules" a mentioned in the mail below by Alaney Dória

the constraint module does not allow saving of records which do not meet certain ( complex) conditions

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On 2015-04-01 09:39, Alaney Kilson Dória wrote:

may be this module helps you
We have set v8 not "installable false" because we didn't test it yet
it's production on v6.1
let me know if you need help

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Use the rules to restrict it. We have done for a client, based on stock location to make each area just to have access to products from their stock location. Another way is to use categories and rules.

For categories is the best if you don't want the user to see the products isn't suppose to.


This rule is to allow the user to see the products from stock location  economato but not from armazem

['|',('name','like','%Economato%'), ('name','not like','%Armazém')] In this case is not to allow the user from economato to put products inside stock location armazém.

This one, is based on product category allow to see products inside specific category

['|',('categ_id','=',103),('categ_id','child_of', 103)] this case is to make the user not to r,w,c,d and product outside of it's category. The child of, is to allow to get all the subcategories.

Create the categories as parents and don't allow to delete them (you can use another rule for that:) ). After creating this rules add to the proper group. Test it well, it's important to see if there is any problems for other groups.

Best regards

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On 03/31/2015 11:47 AM, Emad Gamal Naguib wrote:

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Hello experts ,


Could you help me to restrict warehouse for specific user , I have assigned owner for each storage location .

After that I need to restrict each warehouse keeper to own {have authority}only his location .



Emad gamal


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