Split sale order line demand


Hi. Lets say you have a Sale Order with single line: Product_A qty=2.

You have 1 piece of Product_A in WH1/Stock and 1 piece in WH2/Stock.

WH1 has rule to pull from WH2 if required.

When you validate SO you will get 4 pickings. But Odoo will try to pull all 2 items from WH2. It Does not split it like: take 1 quant from WH1 and then take 1 from WH1.

But if in the Sale Order you slit your line into 2: Product_A qty = 1, Product_A qty = 1, then it works as expected. It will pull 1 unit from WH1 and 1 from WH2.

Is there a way to make Odoo split single sale order line and fulfill demand according to goods availability ?