Push & Pull: Customer order fulfillment = (only) pull rule?

My question is in regard to the quiz "Push & Pull rules". From my understanding a customer order can trigger a whole set of rules, including one or  more quality control steps. Since a quality control step is a push operation, shouldn't the correct answer be "Both"? Where am I wrong?


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Smita Henej
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Hello Marten,

When a customer order is created,  a need will be generated and a pull action will be triggered as a need always triggers a pull action.

For example if you would like to do a quality check before dispatching your products to customer location. 

Following actions will be performed

1. A need will be generated at the shipping area of your warehouse, which will trigger a pull rule from your packing area.

2. To fulfill the need at packing area a need will be generated at your packing area, which will trigger a pull rule from your quality check area.

3. To fulfill the need at quality check area a pull rule will be triggered from your stock.

This process goes in a backward manner and once you process it in opposite way, ultimately the customer demand will be fulfilled.


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I understand, thank you for that detailed answer! :)