Use case review: Odoo Evaluation / Thoughts for custom CRM


Any thoughts, or comments from anyone with previous experience with any item below would be greatly appreciated.


We need a front end (UI) to our relational database (PostgreSQL), and looking to build out a team for a custom CRM/ERP in a domain where no software exists that we can buy, install and use for our needs.

We have a relational database with a growing number of tables (~100) consisting of companies we work with (of different types in the real estate domain).

We are not a sales company, we do not do sales, look for leads, or close deals, but we do manage customer relationships of several types (customers across different domains), but all related to some aspect of real estate/property maintenance (mortgage lenders, real estate broker companies, property maintenance companies and the people that work for each of these companies/entity types).


We have various tables that hold company data, and the company type.  We have various tables that hold people that work for these companies.

We have tables that hold property data (properties that are currently vacant), and the mortgage lender company (and contacts), and real estate broker company, and property maintenance company is associated with that property.


We are evaluating Odoo to build a front end to our database that would allow management of these relationships (companies of different types, and people).


One (of many) things we need is a Kanban board (story card) for each property with each card having custom fields.  Each card would have links to the mortgage lender, the broker company (and people) and maintenance vendor, and links to property maintenance requests.

We need to programatically create these story cards and attach all relevant information to that property.

A human would not be clicking creating these cards, but they would be created from feeds we receive from mortgage lenders consisting of their daily vacant property list, creating a new card for each newly vacant property.


We have a 'model first' development approach.  We develop the relational model, write code/create API functions for CRUD operations.  We have this part in development and progressing daily.

We do not want to build a custom web app (front end), and want to see if Odoo can be used as a front end, development platform, but we don't want to hammer a square peg into a round hole.


Can Odoo be used as a development platform to do the above? and be used to build screens/UI with functionality that calls our existing REST API to populate screens and perform other CRUD operations?


This approach is a legacy n-tier approach with a monolithic front end (Odoo), a mid-tier API for CRUD operations (API is running in a container on a cloud service) and business logic, and a database back end (Postgres database also installed in a container running on a cloud service).

Eventually we would like to migrate to microservices, but a legacy monolith would do just fine at the moment (and seems to be the only option with Odoo at the moment).


Ideally we are wanting to know if it would be beneficial to leverage Odoo or if the time, effort and money would be the same to build our own custom web application.