how can you change URLs


with a new page odoo's websit-builder creates URL's like /page/

Unfortunately, here there is no possibility to change this comprehensively. The url format is unfortunately very bad, so I need to find a solution. It is not only SEO but also the readability.

the "website." you can later remove it from the url, but not the directory "page" (404). I suspect it will probably be used as a controller?

Now I think about how I can solve the problem easiest.

I looked for creating a module as a Theme (I wanted to do this later, but if it can solve the problem, okay)

but I can define the url without the "page" there, that would work?

<record id="hello_menu" model="">
    <field name="name">Hello</field>
    <field name="url">/nopage/hello</field>
    <field name="parent_id" ref="website.main_menu"/>
    <field name="sequence" type="int">20</field>

or there may be a way to replace "page" with another word?

I know on which was already discussed - and it will probably be changes in the next version. but I need to find a solution now. would be nice if someone had an idea