Hardware Requirements for Odoo 11

We want to implement a complex logistic process with Odoo. Such process has the following specs:

  • Number of Users: 50+

  • Catalog: 10.000+ products

  • Multicompany - Multiwarehouse - Multiple Locations & Routes - Intercompany Transactions environment

  • Integration with diferent shippers, such as DHL

  • Integration with external hardware, such as barcode scanners

Based on this, what are the recommend:

  • Server Requirements (# of CPUs, RAM, # of servers)

  • Odoo Server configurations

  • Should we run the application and the database in different servers?

for the best perfomance possible.

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Thank you for your answer Anil, sadly, I can't comment on your response (not enough karma!). Something I forgot to mention, there will be many records (products, companies, clients) with images. What about the recommend memory for the server?

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Hi Josbrach,

In odoo configuration file, we assigned no. of workers(Thread).

  • 1 worker ~= 6 concurrent users

So, if have 50+ users.

Let's consider you have 50 users, rest calculate you can do your own.

If 1 worker can handle 6 concurrent users then to handle 50 users, you need to have 9 workers for concurrent users configuration.

Now, How workers are calculated based on cores (CPU).

The best example is given in odoo website.

  • Server with 4 CPU, 8 Thread
  • 60 concurrent users
  • 60 users / 6 = 10 <- theoretical number of worker needed
  • (4 * 2) + 1 = 9 <- theoretical maximal number of worker
  • We'll use 8 workers + 1 for corn. We'll also use a monitoring system to measure CPU load and check if it's between 7 and 7.5.
  • AM = 9 * ((0.8*150) + (0.2*1024)) ~= 3Go RAM for Odoo

Conclusion :

You will need approx 4 GB Ram dedicated for odoo, 4 CPU If you add 4+ will be an advantage on speed performance.

Hard disk, 100 GB will be enough, but it depends if you are taking database backup every day in the same instance. then hard disk size cannot be predicted, but if you are taking database regularly and clearly it regularly only keeping last month or last week database backup then you won't need more hard disk size.

To know more about hardware requirement in detail you check out in reference.

Reference :  Source

I hope this will help you to understand more.

Best Regards,

Anil Kesariya

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The total number of users matters little, Only concurrent users need to be taken into account. So unless 5O+ users are going to be concurrent I guess odoo11 can pretty much run on any machine > 1G RAM, be sure to configure the SWAP.