Cash discount question Odoo 14


I have set up a reconciliation model to create a 2% write off when a customer pays within 5 days (in combination with a payment method that creates 2 lines for the outstanding debit amount (in this case one line with 98 and one line with 2). In this example customer pays within 5 days 98 euro.

When I create a bankstatement, enter the line with 98, save it and go to reconciliation I can only reconcile the 98, but I am not able to make the write off (I only see the 98) and the 2 will stay open.

What do I miss here? At what point can I reconcile the remaining 2? There is one difference with my odoo14 set up and the video Odoo shows on this topic and that is that I cannot assign a customer journal to the write off model (I can only use miscellaneous journals).

Appreciate your answer!


Thijs van Oers