Micro Plantas S.A.

Micro Plantas S.A.


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Micro Plantas S.A has built a strong technological infrastructure with highly qualified staff. From this firm foundation we are able to achieve the company aims of excellence, in both product and service, and the consolidation of our position as a global laboratory.

The Micro Plantas S.A project began in 1990 in downtown Alajuela, in the Central Valley of Costa Rica. We started with the production of Spathiphyllum and Syngonium for the Florida market. This quickly grew to include Anthurium, Banana, Calathea, Philodendron, Ficus, Caladium, Vanilla, Dieffenchia, Alocasia, Syderasia, Shefflera amongst others. We now produce plants for both domestic and export markets. Our growing list of worldwide markets include North America as a whole and countries such as Holland, Italy, Poland, Australia and Chile to name but a few.