Silent Disco Box
Silent Disco Box
Silent Disco Box provides its customers with an experience. Everything related to a silent disco setting starting from 2 persons up to 1000. Examples are home-parties where people listen to the same music simultaneously, but also larger settings where there are multiple channels (including live DJ’s for instance) and where users have the ability to switch to different channels on the fly. Besides musical settings Silent Disco Box also focuses on more formal settings like conferences and educational events. Silent Disco Box enables its customers to rent, lease, try and/or buy all materials. All products are sent out via package logistics.

Silent Disco Box is a frontend outlet of the BOS (Based On Service) company. BOS focuses on serving customers, suppliers and distribution parties up and down the supply chain. BOS acts as a 'buyer' and a 'provider' to all parties involved. Through a well thought backend process the interests of parties are combined and aligned for a win-win. BOS provides the world with a different take on acquiring products and gaining experiences. Based on the overall goal to make life as fulfilling as possible for all parties involved and for the planet we are living on.

Odoo implementation

Silent Disco Box uses Odoo to handle all primary company processes - from procurement and fulfilment to sales, rental, accounting and marketing activities.

Apart from the ongoing strategical advice, Futuron assists BOS with the overall ERP implementation and finetuning of customized features mostly focused on the rental and e-commerce apps.

With their fitting Odoo implementation, BOS has a solid foundation on which they can build their new way of serving the world through different outlets focussed on specific customer segments. Shifting paradigms where customers can be suppliers and the retailers act as marketing channels instead of being 'just' buyers.