Al Rafia Contracting

Al Rafia Contracting

Al Rafia is the name of a very fast-growing entity that was established in Saudi Arabia in the Year 1979

Al Rafia started its first step in the Contracting field by implementing asphalting roads

and Buildings Construction works in different regions of Saudi Arabia

Al Rafia turn its activity toward water & sewage infrastructural projects

and builds its headquarters in Dammam,

AL-RAFIA has a high-sophisticated and prosperous significant progress in its activities and its business over the last few years in terms of the business

projects and the quality of implementation in general. This makes AL-RAFIA big name in the construction sector, especially in Water and Sewage.

In light of this expansion and prosperity, AL-RAFIA has recently opened a new branch in Jeddah managing many projects there for Water & Sewage.

The most prominent achievement of this year is to get a high rating (first grade) in the field of Water and Sewage from Contractors

Rating agency in the Ministry of Municipal and Rural Affairs.