Adventure Valley SA

Adventure Valley SA

La Petite Merveille Group is a leading player in the hospitality and leisure sector in Durbuy. LPM Group manages a wide range of diverse sectors. It manages various hospitality establishments, golf courses, summer camps, and adventure parks, including Le Sanglier Des Ardennes, Adventure Valley, and LPM Kids & Nature. With activities for all ages, LPM offers an unforgettable experience in the beautiful Ardennes.

LPM uses Odoo for the following business processes:

● HR (Employés, Appraisals & Fleet)

● Contract management (Documents & Project)

● Marketing (Project)

● Purchasing (Purchase, Inventory & Accounting)

● Safety management (Helpdesk & Project)

● Project management (Project)

Cabau, with its experience in the hospitality and leisure sector, helps LPM streamline their operational tasks efficiently, allowing LPM to focus on delivering quality experiences to their customers in Durbuy.