Important service improvements to increase restaurant customers
New point of sale (POS) features to delight your diners in 2015

Running a successful restaurant isn't just about having the tastiest food or the most inventive dishes. Survey after survey has shown getting the service right is vital. In fact, diners are more satisfied when they go to a restaurant with mediocre food and excellent service, than a restaurant where the food is outstanding but the service is poor.

According to this often-cited study, 60% of restaurants fail in the first year, with 80% closing their doors after five years. Keeping a steady flow of customers will prevent any eatery becoming one of these statistics.

The enhanced features of Odoo's latest point of sale system (POS) will make it easier for restaurant owners to delight their customers with a smooth and pleasant service experience.

Restaurant map to success!

You may have heard of the 'road map to success'. At Odoo, we're helping restaurants fulfill their customers' orders by allowing them to map out the layout for better visualization. So, no more relying just on table numbers or memory as your servers try to select or assign the right orders. With Odoo POS software, you have a system where you can design a map to correspond exactly to your restaurant. The map is a basic, easy to read plan of all the tables that will clearly show the whole service area on a tablet carried by the waiter or waitress. This will simplify taking orders, relaying them to the kitchen and having waiters and waitresses deliver food and drink to the correct tables with no mistakes.

Draw your restaurant's layout into Odoo POS, choosing the table number (in white), the number of seats (circled) and even the shape of the table. All easy enough to be mapped onto a tablet and fits onto the screen with no compatibility issues.

Terrific tickets! 

Odoo POS has two new features to its ticket system that mean less hassle for your restaurant's staff and diners.

1. Going Dutch? Split the bill

Customers aren't always lucky enough to be the guest and there are often times each person will have to pay their share of the bill. With Odoo POS, your restaurant can easily split the bill according to what each diner had and give them an individual receipt. Separate card payments, separate bills and separate receipts are no trouble at all.. Sometimes it can be a headache for big groups to eat out together. With Odoo POS, no one has to worry.

2. The bar or the kitchen? No need to choose

If the table orders food and drinks, with Odoo POS you can now issue separate tickets to the bar and the kitchen. Once again, this cuts down on confusion and the chance of making mistakes. The diners can also have separate bills for food and drink if they like.

Step 1 - take the order

Just click on all the food and drink requested.


Step 2 - see the individual items

A clear picture of everything on the bill.


Step 3 - split the bill 

Just highlight the individual items for each person's bill. They'll even get a receipt if they want one.

Odoo POS is the perfect tool to support a restaurant's service - ultimately increasing its growth and revenue! Tell us what you think of our new feature coming in Odoo 9 by leaving a comment. Please spread the word by sharing this blog post on social media.

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