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OTB Africa

Ready Partner

OTB Africa
15th floor, View Park Towers
Monrovia Street, Opp. Alliance Francaise
22918 - 00100 Nairobi
+254 20 2498997

OTB Africa is an Information Technology company that specializes in open source Business Software, Application Development and IT Services.

Our motto “Beyond Limits” is our philosophy of value creation by co-creating with our clients to develop core competencies aimed at process improvement, higher productivity, service enhancement and cost efficiency.

The world we live in today places a premium on efficiency, speed and the winning ability to collect, process, share and act on information. The solutions OTB Africa tailors for its clients create efficiency, increase productivity and cut costs as well as helping organizations extract real value from data generated inside and outside of the organization so they can win.

Organizations are increasingly having to do more with less so OTB Africa has addressed this reality by offering a wide variety of solutions that cut operational expenditure as well as deploying open source platforms that are aligned to best practices.