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Natuzero Limited

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Natuzero Limited
Hong Kong
999077 Wan Chai HK
Hong Kong

Natuzero is NOT purely an IT solution company. We understand that an IT solution is a tool and one can get most from it ONLY by working with appropriate Strategies. We promote a concept of “S2” (S-Square), i.e. Strategy x Solution, and are committed to your improvements.

After all, if you are finding an IT company, we have established over 8 years and our technical team have over 10 years of related experiences in average with domain knowledge in government body, banking & finance, trading and retail, etc.

Natuzero並非純粹的IT解決方案公司。 我們理解IT解決方案是一種工具,只有通過合適的策略才能從中獲得最大的價 我們推廣“S2”(S-Square)的概念,即策略x解決方案,並致力於您的改進。