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Cubes Libya

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Cubes Libya
السياحية - طرابلس
+218 915688884 - +218 915688883

Cubes® is an IT business solutions company Established in 2017 that, provides IT Products, Customized solutions and Services to integrate clients' business processes with the latest IT technologies and best practices.

We are a leading Libyan company specialized in providing IT business solutions, the company has been established since the year 2017 by a team of professional experts, who provide innovative and high-quality business, which contributes to raising the level of the quality of services in the Libyan market.

We have in our company a team that has creative talents, great passion and innovative spirit, and we have a unique technical staff, with great knowledge and skill in the art of making and programming applications and always succeeds in the tasks assigned to it, as it always seeks to satisfy our customers with all its energy and vitality. Therefore, our services are always excellent, and our customers are our most valuable asset. Our slogan is quality while providing, our title is excellence, and our mission is creativity. We strive to create a distinctive long-term relationship with our valued customers